Our Team

  • fbsteam

    FBS Team at the 11th Annual Stike Out Autism event.


  • j and d table
  • two year grads

    Our second year grad students at the 19th Annual Fresno State ABA Conference


  • dana jackson
    Dr. Marianne Jackson and staff Dana at 19th Annual Fresno State ABA Conference

Focused Behavioral Services (FBS) is proud to serve as an organization that provides experience, training, and practicum placements for graduate students in the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) program at Fresno State. Most of our staff consist of graduate students and some undergraduate students pursuing a Psychology degree. Our graduate students serve as Behavioral Interventionist Leads and receive ongoing supervision from our BCBAs. As for our leadership team, both our directors and our BCBAs are currently, or at one point, served as faculty in the Department of Psychology at Fresno State. Meet them here!