FBS currently has two programs, each with different concentrations: Behavioral Intervention Services and Social Connections. See below for more details.

Behavioral Intervention Services

Behavioral Intervention Services The focus of BIS is to reduce problem behaviors while increasing appropriate replacement skills for individuals and to train families and other caregivers to implement and maintain interventions. We place a heavy focus on enhancing communication skills and skills that foster independence. In addition, we aim to teach a variety of skills relevant to everyday life such as personal care, appropriate leisure skills, relevant community skills, and tolerating medical and dental procedures. All interventions and behavior plans focused on parent, caregiver, and staff training to enhance generalization and maintenance of behavior change.

Social Connections

Social Connections Social Connections is a social skills training program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and services individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and services individuals aged 5-25 years of age. Individuals are grouped by age and skill set and lessons focused on a wide variety of conversation skills, perspective taking, game play, conflict management, safety skills, and community skills. Lessons and activities take place in a small group format with built in strategies to promote generalization of all skills to the everyday environment and occur in a variety of locations around campus and the community