There are four portions of a complete application to the graduate program in Psychology:

  1. Online application to the University
  2. Program application to the Department
  3. Supporting materials sent directly to the Department
  4. Supporting materials sent directly to the University

1. Online Application to the University

In order to apply to the Psychology department graduate programs, students must apply directly to the University Graduate Admissions office. Apply online at CSUMentor, an external site handling University applications.

Students will be required to:

  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Supply transcripts as requested
  3. Supply GRE and CBEST scores as requested
  4. Pay a processing fee ($55)
  5. PLEASE NOTE: disregard the request for the "statement of purpose" on the CSUMentor application. You will have an opportunity to submit your statement of purpose in the program application (instructions below).

Any delay in the receipt of the required documents will result in the holding back of your application.

For further information on the university application process, please visit:

Division of Graduate Studies admissions page

International applicants should visit the International Students Office website.

2. Program Application to the Department

The Psychology department's requirements for admission are higher than those for the University. Acceptance to the University does not guarantee acceptance to the Psychology department graduate programs.

After completing the general University application and paying the $55 processing fee, Psychology applicants must also complete a separate online Program Application


Before you fill out the online Program Application, please look over the following list of things you will need. You should gather these materials before applying, so that your experience with the Program Application goes smoothly.

While filling out the Program Application, you will be required to:

  • Submit the names and email addresses of three people who will submit a letter of recommendation. They will be contacted via the email address you provide and wlll be asked to submit a letter separately.
  • Submit a CV (curriculum vitae) or a resume.
  • Unofficially report the prerequisite classes you've taken and the grades you received in them. (It helps to have a copy of your transcript with you for this part).
  • Submit one (MA or ABA programs) or two (EdS program) essays. You should prepare each essay ahead of time and save each as a separate document that can then be uploaded to the Program Application. The essay prompts are as follows:
    • (required for applicants to all programs) Identify your professional goals; present your vision of yourself as a psychology professional, and address why you will be "good" for the profession. Please limit your response to 10000 characters.
    • (required for EdS applicants ONLY) How will your cultural/ethnic identity influence your effectiveness as a school psychologist? Please limit your response to 10000 characters.
  • If you are applying to a program other than the EdS program, you will be asked to list three potential psychology faculty mentors. Potential mentors, and their research interests, are listed in this document.
  • Download and submit a completed Application Affidavit (you can download the Application Affidavit at the link).
  • Ed.S. applicants only: Download and submit a completed verification of no criminal record.

To begin, go to the Program Application and then "Register" for an Applicant account. This will begin the Program Application process.

3. Supporting Materials Sent Directly to the Department

In addition to the materials you submit through the online Program Application, you must send hard copies of the following materials directly to the Psychology Department:

  • Unofficial transcript(s)
  • A copy of GRE scores
  • CBEST scores (EdS program applicants only)

These documents should be mailed to the following address:

Psychology Department 

California State University, Fresno

Psychology Department Graduate Programs

2576 E. San Ramon Ave., ST11

Fresno, CA  93740-8039

4. Supporting Materials Sent Directly to the University

All other official supporting documents, such as official transcripts and official reports of GRE and CBEST scores, must be mailed to the appropriate admissions office (see Domestic or International Students):

Domestic Students mail documents to:

California State University, Fresno

Graduate Admissions

5150 N. Maple Ave. JA 57

Fresno, CA 93740-8026

International Students mail documents to:

California State University, Fresno

Attn: International Admissions

5150 N. Maple Ave. JA 56

Fresno, CA 93740-8026