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On-Campus Student Organizations

  • Fresno State Premedical Club

    The Fresno State Premedical Club is a student organization for students anticipating a career in medicine. This organization arranges activities focused on community service and of interest to the membership. Of particular importance is the establishment of a network of peers and a source of information concerning premedical opportunities.
  • AMSA

    AMSA (The American Medical Students Association, Fresno chapter) is a club for students who are interested in healthcare delivery. This club includes premeds and students interested in other healthcare professions.
  • Tri Beta Biology Club

    The Tri Beta Biology Club is for students interested in biology and in biological research. Premedical students often share these interests.
  • Chemistry Club

    The Chemistry Club is for students interested in chemistry and in chemical research. Premedical and pre-pharmacy students often share these interests.