Pre-Medical and Other Pre-Health Advisors

Here is a list of pre-medical and other pre-health related advisors. Please see an advisor as soon as you suspect you might want to go to professional school to make sure you take the right courses at the right time in the proper sequence.

Pre-Medical/Pre-Physician Assistant/Pre-Clinical Lab Science

Name/E-mail Dept. Specialty Office Office Phone
Dr. Larry Riley
Biology Fish physiologist Science 1 - 212 278-2273

Other Pre-Professional Advisors

  Name Dept. Office Office Phone
Pre-Dental Dr. Laurent Dejean Chemistry Science 1 - 356 278-2008
Pre-Optometry Dr. Daqing Zhang Physics McLane Hall - 260 278-7096
Pre-Pharmacy Dr. Cory Brooks Chemistry Science 1 - 342 278-2389
Dr. Santanu Maitra Chemistry Science 1 - 360 278-2961
Pre-Veterinary Dr. Paul Crosbie Biology Science 1 - 206A 278-2074