Teaching Associates and Lecturers:
Outstanding Physics TA's for 2017

Name Email Address
Erick Aiken erickaik@mail.fresnostate.edu
Matt Bowe mbowe2@mail.fresnostate.edu
Tim Evans (lecturer) tevans559@mail.fresnostate.edu
Kylee Ford kyleejoford7@mail.fresnostate.edu
Jimmy Gonzalez sciencefreak_42@mail.fresnostate.edu
Jason Gruzdas jgruzdas@mail.fresnostate.edu
Steve Harness (lecturer) sharness@csufresno.edu
Kathleen Harrison  kharriso@csufresno.edu
Nathan Inan (lecturer) ninan@ucmerced.edu
Patrick Kelly ptfk121493@mail.fresnostate.edu
E'lisa Lee elisal26@mail.fresnostate.edu
Annette Lopez annette8251@mail.fresnostate.edu
Karl Runde (lecturer) krunde@csufresno.edu
Patrick Talbot ptalbot@mail.fresnostate.edu
Jennifer Tyler biomedgirl@mail.fresnostate.edu
Dr. Hans Van der Noordaa jnoordaa@csufresno.edu
John Walkup (lecturer) jwalkup@csufresno.edu
Don Williams (lecturer) dwilliams@csufresno.edu

Other professors, lecturers, adjuncts, and lab instructors may be found in the faculty directory or in the staff directory.