Pei-Chun Ho

Title: Professor of Physics
Office:McL 254 
Phone: (559) 278-5990 
Fax: (559) 278-7741 

Dr. Pei-Chun Ho 

Fall 2019 Office Hours:

Day Hours
Monday & Wednesday 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM in McL 255
Tuesday & Thursday 7:45 PM to 8:45 PM in McL 162 or McL 255

Fall 2019 Classes:

Class Time Day(s) Location
PHYS 4A 6:30 to 7:45 PM T Th McL 162
PHYS 102 11am to 12:15 PM M W McL 258
PHYS 190      


Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Areas of Expertise and Interest

Research in the Strongly Correlated Electron Laboratory is led by Dr. Ho, Pei-Chun. The main focus of her research is on advanced materials that can improve our future energy efficiency and conservation.  The study includes the investigation of unconventional superconductivity through the interplay between superconductivity and magnetism and quantum critical behavior.  A second project is focused on the effect of reduced dimensionality on magnetism of rare earth elemental nano-clusters. Physical properties of these materials are characterized through high magnetic field and low temperature measurements such as electrical resistivity, ac magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, thermopower, and thermal conductivity at Dr. Ho’s lab. This group currently consists of 4 undergraduates.  Emphasis is on hands-on experience in designing and setting up instrumentation required for experiments, Computer interfacing and LabView programming, data analysis, and synthesis of bulk and nano-sized rare earth materials.

Selected Publications

1. Benjamin White, Duygu Yazici, Pei-Chun Ho, Noravee Kanchanavatee, Naveen Pouse, Yuankan Fang, Alexander Breindel, Aaron Friedman, Brian Maple, “Weak hybridization and isolated localized magnetic moments in the compounds CeT2Cd20 (T = Ni, Pd)," Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27, 315602 (2015). 

2. Maya M. Castro De La Torre, Ryan Fukuda, Faculty Advisor: Pei-Chun Ho, “Synthesis and characterization of neodymium nanoparticles,” Proceedings of National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2014, 994 (2014). [Student Publication from PCH Lab]




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