Gerardo Muñoz 

Title: Professor of Physics
Office: McL 23 
Phone: (559) 278-4131 
Fax: (559) 278-7741 

 Dr. Gerardo Munoz

Fall 2019 Office Hours:

Day Hours

Fall 2019 Classes:

Class Time Day(s) Location
PHYS 4B 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM M W McL 162
PHYS 222B 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM MW McL 174
PHYS 290      


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Areas of Expertise and Interest

My research involves mainly quantum field theory, gravitation, and cosmology.

Recent projects include:
1) stringy Born-Infeld electrodynamics - a way to measure the string coupling constant by means of light-deflection observations. 
2) Evaporation of quantum-corrected Reissner Nordstrom black holes. 
3) Non-singular black holes - black holes with regular cores supported by nonlinear EM fields. 
4) Accelerated observers and non-thermal vacuum states. 
5) loop quantum gravity cosmology.

Selected Publications

1. “Orbits of massless particles in the Schwarzschild metric: Exact solutions”, G.M., Am. J. Phys. 82, 564 (2014).

2. “Field localization in a modified Randall-Sundrum brane model”, Triyanta, D. Singleton, P. Jones, and G. Muñoz, AIP Conference Proceedings 1617, 96 (2014).

CV of Dr. Munoz [PDF, 93KB]