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Fresno State's station at Sierra Remote Observatories has been accepted into the GW-EM (gravitational wave-electromagnetic) Follow-Up Program of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC).

This means that when the LIGO (Laser Interferometric Gravitational-wave Observatory) starts making observations in 2015, they will contact Dr. Ringwald here at Fresno State whenever they detect gravitational waves in the northern sky. We will then point our telescope at the Sierra Remote Observatory at this, to see if visible light can be detected from it. Gravitational waves may come from supernovae (exploding stars), pulsars (dead cinders of stars), merging pairs of black holes, or who knows what.

This is a big opportunity for Fresno State, as it provides opportunities for doing cutting-edge science, in a way in which our students can participate.

Upcoming Events:

SPS Zone 18 Meeting April 18-19 at CSU Long Beach - Contact Doug Singleton to attend with the Fresno State contingent.

SLAC Summer Institute August 4-15.  Contact Doug Singleton to attend with the Fresno State contingent.

Physics Outreach This Week:

  • Wed. AM 10-11am on campus, Wolters Elem.
  • Wed. PM,  5-6pm open house at Quail Lakes Elem, 4087 N. Quail Lakes Ave. Sanger.
  • Fri. AM  Glacier Pt. Middle School, 4055 N. Bryan, Fresno, van leaves at 8:30am.
  • Fri. PM  Thomas Law Reed, 1400 N. Frankwood Ave., Reedley, van leaves at noon.

2014 Graduation Dinner

May 3:  The 2014 Physics Graduation Dinner will be held Saturday, May 3rd at the Viticulture and Enology Research Center on the campus of Fresno State.  You are invited to arrive early to socialize with a beautiful view of the Fresno State vineyards.

For more details about the dinner, see the letter sent by the Department Chair, Ray Hall [docx/pdf].

To reserve your place, get the form (with map) [docx/pdf].

We have much to celebrate and share this year. We have a graduating class of more than 10 physics and biomedical physics majors, and a dozen minors. Also come meet our physics department scholarship recipients, and hear about our new faculty hire, as well as the adventures of our faculty research here and around the globe.

In addition we will honoring the decades of service of John Beckman as we wish him well in his retirement that commences this summer.


Our Colloquium Schedule is available through this link.



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