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The 2018 Physics Graduation Dinner is happening May 5!

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We're excited to offer these courses this fall!


Why study Physics? Physics is a fundamental science that is the basis of all sciences from chemistry, engineering, to medicine. What do physicists do?  We ask questions such as what is matter made of? The answers we get from our theoretical models and high-energy experiments are applied to study microscopic and macroscopic properties of matter, to diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders, and to study the origin and evolution of the entire universe.

Small class sizes, world-class research, and individual attention - that is what you will get at the Department of Physics at Fresno State.  Come join us!

Our Colloquia, coming soon: 

"Star Trek, Chuck Yeager, gamma-ray bursts and pulsars: antennas inspired by faster-than-light motion - real and fictional - in our universe" - Dr. John Singleton, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Friday, May 25 in McL 258.

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