Fall 2015 Math Tutorial Lab

This lab is for all Math courses through MATH 100 (including Calculus). Tutors are available to help students in these courses as indicated below.

  • M: 10:00AM-01:00PM (S2 323) and 02:00PM-06:00PM (S2 231)
  • T: 10:00AM-01:00PM (S2 323) and 03:00PM-04:30PM (S2 231)
  • W: 10:00AM-01:00PM (S2 323) and 03:00PM-06:00PM (S2 231)
  • Th:10:00AM-01:00PM (S2 323) and 03:00PM-06:00PM (S2 231)
  • F: 03:00PM-05:00PM (S2 231)

A pdf file with the information above displayed in a spreadsheet format is available by clicking here. The Math tutor lab starts on August 31, 2015.