Subject Math GRE Preparation Workshops

In the Fall 2020 semester there will be a Subject Math GRE Preparation Workshop. It will run on Fridays 3:00 - 4:00 PM via Zoom. If you want to join, or have any questions, please contact Oscar Vega (, or the math department at 559-278-2992.

Attending this workshop consistently may help you not only to prepare to take the GRE but also as preparation for, or review of, courses like MATH 151, MATH 152, and MATH 171. Also, on the last Friday of every month, this workshop will be dedicated to mathematical writing. These meetings will not be on LaTeX or how to write proofs, but on how to write mathematical papers and other manuscripts, such as the Master's program Graduate Writing Requirement or a paper for your MATH 190/198. If there is interest, we could even do some work on creating math presentations (using Beamer/LaTeX).

For more information, please see our flyer.