Research By Faculty

Name Areas of Research
Rajee Amarasinghe Mathematics Education
Michael Bishop Mathematical Physics
Lance Burger Mathematics Education
Carmen Caprau Knot Theory
Low-Dimensional Topology
Steve Chung Statistics
Larry Cusick Topology
Stefaan Delcroix Group Theory
Doreen De Leon Numerical Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equations
Comlan de Souza Fourier Analysis
Della Duncan Differential Geometry
Tamas Forgacs Complex Analysis
Ernesto Franco Dynamical Systems
Katherine Kelm Algebraic Topology
Marat Markin Functional Analysis
Operator Theory
Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces
Semigroups of Operators
Maria Nogin Logic, Number Theory, Algebra, Geometry, Topology
Adnan Sabuwala Numerical Analysis, Number Theory, Numerical PDEs
Jenna Tague Mathematics Education
Khang Tran Complex Analysis
Analytic Number Theory
Zero Distribution
Agnes Tuska Mathematics Education
Oscar Vega Combinatorics
Finite Geometry
Ke Wu Statistics