Employment Opportunities

Mathematics Tenure Track positions, when available, require at a minimum a Ph. D. in Mathematics, or a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education in the case of a Mathematics Education vacancy. 

Full-Time Lecturer positions may require a Ph. D. or Masters in Mathematics, depending on the vacancy announcement. 

Part-Time Lecturer positions require a Masters in Mathematics or a related field. 

Tenure Track Positions

The Department of Mathematics is looking for applicants for:
1) a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education (flyer here), and
2) a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Mathematics with specialty in Analysis (flyer here).
Both positions will start in Fall 2015.

In case of any vacancy more information may be found on the Fresno State Jobs website.

Full-Time Lecturers

No Full-Time Lecturer positions in the Department of Mathematics are expected for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Part-Time Lecturers

The Department of Mathematics is looking for part-time lecturers. The minimum requirement for this position is a Master's degree in Mathematics or related fields. Interested candidates should contact:

Staffing Committee 
Department of Mathematics 
5245 North Backer Avenue M/S PB108 
Fresno, California 93740-8001 

Student Positions 

The Mathematics Department hires graders, tutors, and teaching assistants. A listing of all open student TA/GA/ISA positions can be viewed on the Fresno State Jobs website.