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MA in Mathematics, Teaching Option

Course Requirements (30 units)

  • Core courses (12 units)
    • MATH 251: Abstract Algebra
    • MATH 260: Perspectives in Geometry
    • MATH 271: Real Analysis
    • CI 250: Advanced Curriculum Theory and Analysis - see Advising Note 3
  • Elective courses (15 units)
    • Math electives (12 units) - see Advising Note 1
    • CI 275: Advanced Instructional Theories and Strategies, OR
    • An approved CI 280T
  • Culminating experience (3 units)
    • MATH 298: Research Project in Mathematics

Additional Requirements - Satisfaction of the Graduate Writing Requirement

In order to satisfy the University Graduate Writing Skills Requirement, the student must submit a formal paper demonstrating writing skill in mathematics at the graduate level. This graduate level paper may be a research proposal, a literature review in some mathematical area of interest, a paper from a directed research project, or some other paper that meets the objectives for the writing requirement as stated in the Satisfaction of the Graduate Writing Requirement section found in the Relevant Policies section of the Department of Mathematics Graduate Studies Handbook. Deadlines are also given in that section.

Before attempting to satisfy the graduate writing requirement, the student must have (1) achieved classified standing, and (2) attended a Plagiarism Workshop and signed the Mathematics Department’s Honor Code Statement Regarding Academic Integrity and Plagiarism.

Graduate Advising Notes

  1. Under the direction of the department graduate adviser, each candidate should prepare and submit for approval a program of courses as early as possible.
  2. All graduate students should obtain a copy of the Department of Mathematics Graduate Studies Handbook for more detailed information on the program requirements.
  3. CI 250 (a Fall Course) has a prerequisite of CI 159.