Each year the Putnam Exam is held on the first Saturday in December. The Fresno State Mathematics Department is offering $200 and $100 prizes to the Fresno State students who place first and second (respectively) among Fresno State students. (To be eligible, the students must receive a score of at least five points. In case of a tie for top score, the tied students will share a $300 award and there will be no second place prize. In case of a tie for second place, the tied students will share the $100 award.)

The last edition of the Putnam Exam was held on Saturday, December 3, 2016. At Fresno State, ten undergraduate students and one high school student participated in the exam. Juhoon Chung will receive $200 as first price with a score of 20 points. Andres Zumba scored 3, John Fausone scored 2 and Olivia Krohn scored 1. These scores are quite impressive since 4164 students participated in the Putnam Exam in the United States and Canada and the overall median score was 1. Juhoon Chung ranked 733rd.

The Department of Mathematics wants to congratulate all participants of this prestigious contest.

For more information contact:

Dr. Stefaan Delcroix
PB 354

The Putnam website is http://math.scu.edu/putnam/