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Sonia Kovalevsky Mathematics Day

Fresno State's seventh Sonia Kovalevsky Day will be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

The Department of Mathematics invites high school and middle school female students interested in math, and their teachers (male or female) to a daylong program featuring fun and interactive mathematics activities, talks, and career panel discussions. All individuals planning to attend should register by February 14, 2020 at the following link:

Sonia Kovaleveky

 “Many who have never had occasion to learn what mathematics is confuse it with arithmetic, and consider it a dry and arid science. In reality, however, it is the science which demands the utmost imagination…It seems to me that the poet must see what others do not see, must look deeper than others look. And the mathematician must do the same thing.”  S.K.

Sonia Kovalevsky Days take place across the nation. The event's main goal is to nurture young women’s enthusiasm for mathematics and to encourage them to consider careers in mathematics and related fields. Sonia Kovalevsky was a great mathematician and an advocate of women's rights in the 19th century. She was the first woman to be granted a Ph.D. in Mathematics, and it was her enthusiasm and struggle to obtain the best education available that began to open doors at universities to women.

Come learn, have fun, and meet other students and professionals to celebrate women in mathematics! 

We look forward to seeing you then. For questions contact Dr. Carmen Caprau (

Our event would not be possible without the help of many donors and sponsors.  Thanks very much to all of you!

This year's main sponsors:

  • Fresno State - College of Science and Mathematics
  • Fresno State - Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative  
  • California Mathematics Council - Student Activity Trust Fund
  • The many people who generously donated to our crowdfunding campaign.