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High School Integration Bee

The Fourth Annual Fresno State High School Integration Bee will take place on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 7:00pm in Science II, Room 109.  


To register teachers need to send an email to Dr. Katherine Kelm (

Email should have subject line "High School Integration Bee" and include the following information:

  •  Name and address of school
  •  Name and email of teacher contact(s)
  •  Names of up to 10 student participants -- please ensure names are spelled correctly, so that certificates of participation can be printed correctly
  •  Names of alternates, if more than 10 participants.


Integrals will be indefinite integrals or proper definite integrals of a single variable.  Competitors will go to the board in groups of 3.  In early rounds they will have 2 minutes to complete the integral correctly.  In later rounds the difficulty and time limit will increase. 

There will be prizes for up to 3 finalists; in addition, these students will be invited to compete in our undergraduate competition to be held Thursday, April 26 (same time and location).

Official Rules.