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The Fall 2017 Semester Seminar series schedule is will soon be posted.

Date Time Location Speaker Title/Topic
10/13  11am  PB 103  Marat Markin On the Gevrey Ultradifferentiability of Weak Solution of an Abstract Evolution Equation with a Scalar Type Spectral Operator
 9/22  11am  PB 103  Katherine Kelm  Teaching and Learning in Math 111


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Friday, October 13, 2017; 11AM in PB 103:  Marat Markin (Fresno State) 

Title:  On the Gevrey Ultradifferentiability of Weak Solution of an Abstract Evolution Equation with a Scalar Type Spectral Operator



Found are conditions on a scalar type spectral operator A in a complex Banach space necessary and sufficient for all weak solutions of the evolution equation

y′(t) = Ay(t), t ≥ 0,

to be strongly Gevrey ultradifferentiable of order β ≥ 1, in particular analytic or entire, on [0,∞) or (0,∞). Certain inherent smoothness improvement effects are analyzed. It is shown that, if all weak solutions are Gevrey ultradifferentiable of orders 0 ≤ β < 1, then the operator A is necessarily bounded.



Friday, September 22, 2017; 11AM in PB 103:  Katherine Kelm (Fresno State)


Title: Teaching and Learning in Math 111



In this talk I will give a short history of my efforts to incorporate active learning, reflections, and group work in Transition to Advanced Mathematics (Math 111).  I will describe the activities conducted during my sabbatical of Spring 2017 to study student learning in Math 111 and in subsequent courses.  I will summarize my findings, what I learned about data collection, and how I plan to conduct a new study starting in Fall 2017.



If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact the Mathematics Department  at 559.278.2992 or should be made at least one week in advance of the event.

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