Employment Opportunities

Mathematics Tenure Track positions, when available, require at a minimum a Ph.D. in Mathematics, or a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education in the case of a Mathematics Education vacancy. 

Full-Time Lecturer positions may require a Ph.D. or Masters in Mathematics, depending on the vacancy announcement. 

Part-Time Lecturer positions require a Masters in Mathematics or a related field. 

Tenure Track Positions

The Department of Mathematics will have a tenure track Mathematics Education position that will be posted soon.

In case of any vacancy more information may be found on the Fresno State Jobs website.

Full-Time Lecturers

No full-time lecturer positions in the Department of Mathematics are expected at this time.

Part-Time Lecturers

The Department of Mathematics is looking for part-time lecturers. The minimum requirement for this position is a Master's degree in Mathematics or related fields. Interested candidates should contact:

Dr. Rajee Amarasinghe
Chair, Department of Mathematics 
5245 North Backer Avenue M/S PB108 
Fresno, California 93740-8001 

Email: ramarasi@csufresno.edu

Student Positions 

The Department of Mathematics hires graders, tutors, and teaching assistants. A listing of all open student TA/GA/ISA positions can be viewed on the Fresno State Jobs website.