Current Students


One of the objectives of HCOP is to assist students in the process of applying to health professional programs. One way of providing this assistance is by attending pre-health conferences. HCOP provides transportation services to some of these events. We usually ask that students register for the conference, followed by a visit to the HCOP office where the student will sign-up to attend the event and leaving a refundable deposit (deposit is refunded at the time of boarding transportation). A couple of favorites are listed below (UC Davis PreHealth Conference, SUMMA, and California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education).

UC Davis PreHealth Conference - October, 6, 2018

Stanford University Minority Medical Association (SUMMA) Conference - February 2, 2019

California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education - April 6, 2019 UC Davis


We encourage students to get involved in campus clubs and organizations related to your field of interest (PreMed Club, Fresno State American Medical Student Association (AMSA), Pre-Pharmacy Club, Tri-Beta Biology Club, etc.). For more information on campus clubs and organizations, visit Fresno State home page. Click on current students, scroll down to student life, click on the clubs and organizations.


Fresno State HCOP attending UCDavis Pre-Health Conference (Fall 2018).