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Student Research:

Are you an Earth or Environmental Science major?

Did you know that you must complete a thesis project to obtain your BA and MA degree?

If you are interested in studying the interactions between human activity and biological and physical environments on both local and global scales, then working with Dr. Weinman may be just what you need!!

Overview of Student Research:

  • GW to sedimentology to air (environmental)
  • Look at list on Google site
  • Geospatial mapping & data analysis
  • etc

Outlook for students who engage in this kind of research--potential career paths? [Basically, what's in it for them? What can they look forward to? What is their life going to look like if they go for it?]

Undergraduate Research

Possible Environmental Research Opportunities Involve:

  • Water quality

  • aquifer sedimentology

  • air-quality monitoring

  • soil carbon 

  • climate change

If you are interested in researching any of these topics, please speak to Dr. Weinman, as she is passionate about the environment!

Skills Needed to Work with Dr. Weinman:

  • A passion for learning, Dr. Weinman will be pleased to guide your research of the environmental subject you are interested interested in!!!

Ongoing Projects Include:

  • Working with the Water-Wise Garden (located in-front of Science II) , monitoring soil temperatures.
    Continue the work done by Fresno State EES BA Graduate Alisa Chhan (Fall 2016), to learn more about how drought-resistant landscaping effects soil conditions.

    To Learn more about this Project, Click HERE  


Graduate Student Research

Local & International research opportunities California, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, India

Current Grad Student Projects

[Link to Current Grad Students Page]

Potential Grad Student Projects

Landscape formation, hydrology & geochemical weathering

Pharmaceuticals in the environment (Contaminants of emerging concern)