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Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, EBay, Google and Apple all cracked the top 10 and pay their interns at least $5,723 per month on average

Fresno tech company Decipher and Fresno State team up for training

Computer Science Department Offers Microsoft DreamSpark Premium to Students. Check details.

Congratulations to Harjinder Singh for winning the International Student Tuition Waiver award (9 units)
Fall 2014 admission will begin on Oct 1, 2013. Submit your application via

Department of Computer Science has experienced significant growth recently.

The recent statistics have shown that the Department of Computer Science at Fresno State has experienced significant growth. The number of major students pursuing bachelor degree has almost double from 116 in Fall 2010 to 224 in Fall 2013. The number of students pursuing master degree increased from 31 in Fall 2012 to 53 in Fall 2013. 

Faculty and student received the competitive annual college awards for research and professional development

Computer Science faculty and students have received the competitive annual college awards for research and professional development. ALL CSCI proposals were funded:

- Dr. Todd Wilson on Attending a Summer School in Programming Languages

- Dr. Jin Park on Conference Travel

- Dr. Jin Park on Research in Spring 2014

- Dr. Ming Li on Research in Summer 2014

- Lynnette Brown-Morris on Staff Professional Development Award

- Adrian Cortez on eye-tracking system, supervised under Dr. Brent Auernheimer

- Yilin Chen on Kinect data transmission for rehabilitation management, supervised under Dr. Ming Li

We are grateful to College of Science and Math for supporting student research and faculty scholarly activities. We will share with you exciting progress on these projects and events. In addition, if you have exciting research ideas and would like to work with faculty, please contact us and get supported.

Congratulations to faculty, staff, and students for the great efforts!

We are now accepting Spring 2014 applicants for master program. Please apply it via

Deadline for domestic students: August 31st, 2013.

Deadline for international students: November 15th, 2013.

Dr. Todd Wilson interviewed on "Big Data" (Fresno Bee, 8/31/2013)

"It's used to refer to many different but related ideas that center around getting useful information from data sets that are typically very large, unstructured, and automatically generated, where the focus is more on 'emergent' properties of the data rather than with the individual records," Wilson says. Read more ...

Career Watch: Computer science enrollment on rise (ComputerWorld, 4/22/2013)

The number of bachelor's degrees awarded to computer science majors by Ph.D.-granting universities in the U.S. increased by 19.8% in 2012 compared with a year earlier. It was the third year in a row that the percentage increase was in the double digits, reflecting an uptick in the fortunes of the cyclical IT jobs market. According to Peter Harsha, the director of government affairs at the Computing Research Association, CRA members have said that the recent upward trend is due at least in part to the fact that "students are much more aware of the importance of computational thinking in just about every other field of science and technology." Read more ...

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Valley's demand for computer professionals strains talent pool (Fresno Bee, 7/26/2013)

As companies in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley seek ways to modernize systems, handle computerized data and burnish their online images, they're generating a growing need for computer professionals. Read more ...