Image of noted person Dr. Brent Auernheimer
Ph.D., Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara
-Software Engineering
-Formal methods of software development
-Human-computer interaction
-Web-based instruction
Office: Science 2 Room 279
Email: brent_auernheimer@csufresno.edu | Website 


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Dr. Ming  Li - Chair
Ph.D., Computer Science, UT Dallas
-Quality of Service (QoS) in wireless networks
-Multimedia (Video/Audio/3D) streaming
-Robotics Communications (ROBOCOMM)
-Network security and 3D watermarking
Office: Science 2 Room 272
Email: mingli@csufresno.edu | Website

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 Dr. Shih-Hsi "Alex" Liu 
Ph.D., Computer Science, UA Birmingham 
-Software Engineering 
-Evolutionary Computation 
-Domain-Specific Languages
Office: Science 2 Room 271
Email: shliu@csufresno.edu | Website


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Dr. Prudence Lowe
Doctor of Pharmacy, UC San Francisco
M.S., Computer Science, Fresno State
Masters in Library and Information Studies, UC Berkeley
-Computer programming
Office: Science 2 Room 253
Email: plowe@csufresno.edu

Faculty of Computer ScienceDr. Jin H. Park
Ph.D., Computer Science, Oklahoma State
-Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
-High-performance Computing
-Parallel/Distributed Processing
-Low Power System
Office: Science 2 Room 277
Email: jpark@csufresno.edu


Faculty of Computer Science


Dr. David Conrad Ruby
Ph.D., Information & Computer Science, UC, Irvine
 -Machine Learning
 -Artificial Intelligence
Office: Science 2 Room 280
Email: druby@csufresno.edu

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Dr. Shigeko Seki
Ph.D.,Science, Kyoto University (Japan)
-Cellular Automata
-Lindenmayer Systems
-Formal and Programming Languages
Office: Science 2 Room 249
Email: seki@csufresno.edu


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Dr. Todd Wilson
Ph.D. Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon
-Pure and Applied Logic
-Programming Languages
-Web Technologies
Office: Science 2 Room 250
Email: twilson@csufresno.edu

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Dr. Henderson Yeung
Ph.D. Mathematics, Kansas State
-Web technology
-Programming languages
-Computer science education
Office: Science 2 Room 281
Email: hyeung@csufresno.edu