Bachelor of Science

The bachelor's degree in computer science prepares students for careers in the computing industry or for graduate study. Combined with a minor in another field of study, the bachelor's degree allows students to utilize their computing expertise in a variety of specialized fields. The core and computer science theory courses are excellent preparation for students who intend to pursue an advanced degree in computer science.
For the computer science major, the department offers courses that represent both the core of study considered essential to all aspects of computing and advanced study sequences in particular fields of interest. The core classes introduce all majors to the spectrum of thought represented in computing. The advanced sequences allow the individual student to pursue concentrated work within such areas as computer architecture, artificial intelligence, databases, compilers, operating systems, computer science theory, computer graphics, software engineering, programming languages, networking, distributed systems, and parallel processing. The department also offers topics courses to keep students informed of current advances and methods in computing.
In addition to courses designed for majors, the department offers courses intended to introduce computing to nonmajors. These courses will benefit any major who wishes to include computing in their undergraduate study.

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