Forensic Science Preparation

Forensic scientists are highly skilled professionals who employ scientific methods to help answer medico-legal questions. Depending upon the needs of their employers, the forensic scientist collects, preserves, and analyzes evidence, and later testifies to his or her results when needed in a court of law. Undergraduate degrees and program certificates in Forensic Science are not currently offered, but the program has outlined recommendations for undergraduate study in preparation for graduate programs and careers in forensic science. This preparation is most often accomplished while majoring in a natural science such as Biology or Chemistry. Students who desire specific preparation for either Forensic Chemistry or Forensic Biochemistry will find it helpful to take additional preparatory courses related to these specializations while completing their undergraduate education. Undergraduates who plan to apply for the MSFS degree program are also encouraged to seek out undergraduate research opportunities with forensic faculty.

Though not currently required for most entry level positions, a graduate degree in forensic science or another natural science may be required for advancement.California State University, Fresno offers a graduate degree in chemistry, in which students may work on forensic related research projects.