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The Chemistry M.S. Program of Study

The Chemistry department offers a Master of Science degree program for qualified students. It requires a total of 30 units for graduation. The M.S. (with Thesis) is designed for students interested in Ph.D. programs and laboratory-based careers.

Required Coursework (30 units)
Course Name Catalog Number Units
Option Courses 12 units total selected from 4 of the 5 areas below 12
Advanced Research Techniques Chem 260 3
Seminar in Chemistry Chem 280 2
Electives approved by coordinator 7
Research Chem 295 2
Thesis Chem 299 4


Options Courses (12 units required)*
Course Name Catalog Number Units
  Discipline Catalog Numbers
Area 1: Physical Chemistry Chem 211, 215
Area 2: Organic Chemistry Chem 230, 235
Area 3: Analytical Chemistry Chem 225, 226, 227, 228
Area 4: Inorganic Chemistry Chem 220, 222
Area 5: Biochemistry Chem 241A, 242

Students in the M.S. program must also satisfy the Graduate Writing Requirement. This is usually completed as part of the Advanced Research Techniques course.

*Several topics courses (Chem 240T) are offered each semester by the graduate faculty for each area. Check with your graduate coordinator for current semester courses.

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