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Deadlines - Graduation

Thesis Forms

Advancement to Candidacy

  • Complete Chem 260 (offered each Spring Semester) with a B or better.
  • Complete GWR Document - with a score > 12
  • Complete at least nine units of graduate courses
  • Complete the petition of Advancement to Candidacy - Form 2017-18
  • Provide the following documents to graduate coordinator
  1. Copy of GWR
  2. Evaluation rubrics
  3. Approval from research advisor
  4. Copy of the completed form (including planned courses)
  • Advancement to Candidacy must be at least a semester before graduation.



Is there a non-thesis option available to complete the MS?

  • Unfortunately, the Chemistry does not have the non-thesis option (or plan B).  All the MS Chemistry degrees must be thesis bases.

Can I classify without taking the prerequisite courses?

  • Yes, by successfully completing the diagnostics test in each required area.
  • Contact your Graduate Coordinator to schedule the test.
  • It does not cost to take the test. But each student is allowed one test/semester for each subject.

I failed my GWR. Can I try again?

  • Yes, each student has two attempts to clear the GWR. 

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

  • Graduate degree students must meet the following grade point average requirements
  • For university admission, a 2.5.
  • For graduation, a 3.0 minimum on all coursework listed on the approved degree program (“Petition of Advancement to Candidacy”).  Note: No courses with grades below “C” may be listed on the student’s “Petition of Advancement to Candidacy.”

What Administrative Academic Probation (AAP)?

Students enrolled in graduate degree programs may be placed on AAP for the following reasons: - see details at DRGS

  • failure to maintain the minimum GPA of 3.0 required by Title 5, California State Education Code;
  • withdrawal from a substantial portion of a program in two successive terms or in any three terms;
  • repeated failure to make progress toward the graduate degree; or
  • failure to comply with an academic requirement or regulation that is routine for all students or for a defined group of students.

When will a student get disqualified?

  • Students enrolled in graduate programs are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 post baccalaureate cumulative grade point average (GPA) prior to advancement to candidacy.  Once students have advanced to candidacy, they must maintain a minimum 3.0 program GPA, which includes only coursework listed on the “Petition for Advancement to Candidacy.”
  • Students who do not meet the above criteria will be placed on Administrative Academic Probation (AAP).  Effective Fall 2007, students who are placed on AAP for any two semesters will be disqualified from the university.

If I am disqualified for some reason, can I request readmission?

Yes, you may petition readmission. 

Form: Petition for Readmission of Disqualified Graduate

How long it takes to complete the MS in Chemistry?

It depends on the student and the research group. The students are required to complte 30 units, including the thesis.

The average time to graduate in the last five years is approximately 2.5 years.

Students must complete the MS within five years (10 semesters).