Department of Chemistry

Welcome to Fall 2020

Updated - Tuesday, September 15, 2020

For a list of fall 2020 Chemistry Department faculty office hours please click here.


Check your Fresno State email and Canvas course site ( for information on joining the synchronous days/times of your lecture and lab via Zoom.

Fall 2020 Chemistry (CHEM) lecture courses:

There will be no in-person CHEM lecture courses this fall 2020 semester.

All CHEM lecture courses will be virtual (meeting online in a combination of synchronous - same days/times as scheduled and asynchronous - recorded or posted materials available through the Canvas learning management system)

CHEM lower-division laboratory courses:

All lower-division CHEM laboratory courses (CHEM 1AL, 1BL, 3A, 3BL, 10, NSci 1A) will be virtual. These lab courses will meet virtually in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous labs.

CHEM 1A/1AL: e-mail your CHEM 1A faculty instructor and CHEM 1AL Teaching Associate (TA)

Coordinator for CHEM 1AL: Candice Cortney, M.S.:

CHEM 1B/1BL: e-mail your CHEM 1B and CHEM 1BL faculty instructors. 

Coordinator for CHEM 1BL: Katie Heredia, M.S.:

CHEM upper-division laboratory courses

CHEM 156 is the only upper-division CHEM laboratory course that will meet in-person (physically distanced, partially in-person and partially virtual).

CHEM 102, CHEM 105, CHEM 106S, CHEM 129A, CHEM 129B will NOT meet in-person and will meet virtually in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous times. 

WITHDRAWALS beginning September 16th (only for serious and compelling reasons):

See the link to the Office of the University Registrar for more details:



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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at California State University, Fresno. We believe that our department represents the very best that the university has to provide. We offer four rigorous, high quality degree programs (B.A. Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Biochemistry and M.S. Chemistry) that prepare students for careers in research, industry and education, as well as preparing students for admission to Ph.D., medical, pharmacy, dentistry and osteopathic medicine programs. 

Our programs provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience with modern instrumentation, to conduct research under the guidance of faculty mentors, to take laboratory classes in private-sector facilities, participate in the Chemistry Honors program, and contribute beyond the classroom to promote science in local schools and our community.

Our faculty are respected scholars in their fields, as well as dedicated teachers and mentors. We are all committed to helping each of our students to be successful and to achieve their goals. We also have a vibrant, supportive and diverse student community, anchored by the national award-winning American Chemistry Society affiliated Chem Club.

If you have questions or comments about our department, please feel free to e-mail me or call the department office.


Joy J. Goto, Ph.D., Professor and Chair               
Office: Science I, Room 380
Phone: 559-278-2103