Note from the Interim Director, Criss Wilhite

Hello Everyone,

We are in full summer mode, including water play days. This is always fun for both your children and all of our staff.

We look forward to having an Executive Director on board on July 5th. The details will be announced as soon as possible. Until final negotiations are over, all I can say is that we are all excited about the person we have chosen to hire.

You may have wondered about the photo-release requests for the Elements. This is the magazine of the College of Science and Mathematics at Fresno State. CCAC is an outgrowth of the ABA Program in the Department of Psychology, which is housed in that College. CCAC will be on the cover of this edition and will have a major story inside. We are very excited about this and copies will be available when it is published in the fall.

The plans for the new space and the new playground are in the works. Unfortunately, our move has been delayed again. We are now looking at sometime between the end of July and the end of August. We will be open through this period and will slowly introduce the children to the new space just west of the Kremen Education building. We will have our own, self contained center and will keep the office in LS8.

This is my last letter to you as the Interim Director at CCAC. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with your children, the behavior therapists, the clinicians and the other staff over the past six months. The patience parents have shown during all the difficult transitions is so appreciated. I hope we have made an easy path for the move and the new director. I will be teaching in the Department of Psychology and working on the Fresno State Sustainability Project in the fall and will be sure to stop in to see the children and staff on a regular basis. The Center was a dream for me when I started the undergraduate ABA program in Psychology way back in 1998. To top those years of teaching, hiring and supporting faculty, and building a culture of behavior analysis here at Fresno State with this amazing opportunity to work at the Center is more than I could ask for.