Prerequisite Coursework Requirements

We accept students that are missing one or more of the prerequisite courses, and require students to complete those courses while completing their Biotechnology degree.

  • Some students will need to take one or more courses after beginning the Biology MS program to complete the prerequisites courses required by the program. Many students will have completed the prerequisite courses before beginning the graduate program.
  • Students must complete all of the prerequisite courses before graduation.
  • Students missing more than one of the courses, may be required to take a prerequisite course(s) their first semester of study to achieve classified admission status.
  • Prerequisite courses do not count toward degree credit.

The prerequisite courses are listed below with the California State University, Fresno equivalent course numbers.

  1. General Genetics (BIOL 102, 103)
  2. Microbiology including a laboratory (BIOL 120)
  3. Biochemistry including a laboratory (Chem 150 or 155 and Chem 156)
  4. Immunology including a laboratory (BIOL 157 and 157L)
  5. Analytical Chemistry (Chem 105 or Chem 102)
  6. Statistics (Math 101)

Descriptions of the prerequisite courses can be found in the California State University, Fresno General Catalog.