Courses for the Master's in Biology Program

Course Units Required
I. Core Courses   14
A. Molecular Biology (2 semesters) (BIOL/Chem 241A-B) 3 - 3  
B. Biotechnology Seminar (2 semesters) (BIOL/Chem 248) 1 - 1  
C. Seminar in New Ventures (MBA 270) 3  
D. Seminar in New Venture Management (MBA 272)
or Seminar in New Venture Creation (MBA 273)

Course Units Required
II. Elective Courses:   9
A. Protein Purification Techniques (BIOL/Chem 242) 3  
B. Nucleic Acid Techniques (BIOL/Chem 243) 3  
C. Cell Culture and Hybridoma (BIOL/Chem 244) 3  
D. Industrial Biotechnology (BIOL 245) 3  
E. Biometric Statistics (Agri 200 or BIOL 274) 3  
F. Biophysical Chemistry (Chem 240T) 3  
G. Unit Operations: Food and Bioprocessing (FN 221T) 3  
H. Seminar in New Ventures Creation (MBA 273)
or New Business Management (MBA 272)
(i.e. the course not used as a Core course)
I. Plant Micropropagation (Plant 108) 3  
J. Computational Foundations/Bioinformatics (CSci 101) 3  
K. Analytical Measurements Laboratory (Chem 106) 4  
L. Quality Assurance in the Food Industry (FSC 120) 4  
M. Bioethics (Phil 165T) 3  
N. Food Laws, Regs, Inspection, and Grading (FSC 178) 2  

Please Note:

  • Only one undergraduate course may be used in the program. Undergraduate courses are indicated with a course number of less than 200.
  • Students may substitute one course for one elective course with the consent of their faculty advisor and the approval of the PSM Biotechnology Program Directors. Students must get approval for this course before the semester starts.


Course Units Required
IV. Culminating Experience   4
A. Thesis based on an interdisciplinary research project (BIOL 299)

B. Project that solves a specific question in an applied research area
(BIOTC 298)

Total Required Program Units: 30

Course Descriptions

Following is a list of Biotechnology courses in the Biotechnology Program. This does not include the courses cross-listed in Biology, Chemistry, Business, and other departments. It also does not include the course descriptions of program electives. For descriptions of course electives, please consult the course catalog.

For a full and up-to-date list of course descriptions, go to California State University, Fresno's General Catalog:

BIOTC courses

BIOTC 275. Biotechnology Industrial Experience (3)
Prerequisites include PSM program classification; BIOL/CHEM 241B; BIOL/CHEM 248; MBA 272; or permission of instructor. Internship to develop familiarity with biotechnology business practices. Requires a minimum of 320 hours of onsite work and completion of a project for written and oral presentation.

BIOTC 298. Biotechnology Culminating Project (4)
Prerequisites include PSM advancement to candidacy and completion of all other courses in the program of study. Field studies -- including appropriate experimentation -- addressing a biotechnology business/science problem identified through student's independent analysis. Extensive written documentation is required on the plans and outcomes. A final progress report meeting the requirements of the culminating experience for a master's degree and an oral defense are required.

BIOTC 299. Applications-Oriented Thesis (4)
Prerequisites include PSM advancement to candidacy and completion of all other courses in the program of study. Preparation, completion, and submission of an acceptable thesis for a master's degree addressing independent investigations on the application of innovative biotechnological methods or products. An oral defense is required.