Research intensive faculty members Colleges of Science and Mathematics (CSM) at Fresno State and from the Schools of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts at UC Merced will create a highly interactive program to encourage students from underrepresented groups to enter the M.S. program at Fresno State and ease the transition of these students into programs at UC Merced. 

To create a pipeline to the PhD by providing academic training and research experiences to increase the number of Fresno State students pursuing doctorates at UC Merced in the areas of biomedical/ behavioral research

  • To recruit at least four Masters underrepresented minority students each year with a demonstrated commitment and potential to complete a doctoral program in biomedical and behavioral research,
  • Successfully train them in one focus areas represented by the pool of participating bridges faculty during the Master’s program to ensure a smooth transition to the PhD program, 
  • Provide academic guidance during the semester at Fresno State with summer internships at UC Merced and financial assistance for two years in the development of scientific and research skills to insure academic and professional enhancement and 
  • Develop and implement an evaluation plan that leads to successful transfer and completion of a PhD program in biomedical/behavioral sciences and optimizes each aspect of the program to develop a viable long-term programmatic bridge between the campuses.