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Pre-Dental Prerequisites

Students should contact individual dental schools for specific prerequisite information.

It is essential that you see a pre-dental advisor prior to planning your pre-dental program!

Majoring in science is not a must, but completion of pre-dental science requirements is necessary.


Required by Most Schools
Requirement Course
Biology with Lab BIOSCI1A and BIOSCI1B with Lab
Physics PHYS 2A and 2B with Lab
General Chemistry with Lab CHEM1A AND CHEM1B with Lab
Organic Chemistry with Lab CHEM128A, CHEM 128B and CHEM129A

Required Coursework at CSU Fresno
Requirement Course
Biology BIO1A and BIO1B
Chemistry CHEM1A and CHEM1B
Physics PHYS2A and 2B
Organic Chemistry CHEM128A, 128B, and 129A
Biochemistry CHEM 150 or CHEM155
English Composition ENG5A and 5B or ENG10 plus ENG20. Other combinations are possible.
Psychology PSYCH10

Recommended Coursework at CSU Fresno
Recommended Course
Microbiology BIO120
Comparative Vertebrate Morphology BIO143
Comparative Animal Physiology BIO162 and BIO162L
Advanced Human Physiology BIO163
Functional Human Anatomy BIO64
Human Physiology BIO65