Why participate in internships?

Through an internship, you have the opportunity to apply  and enhance skills and knowledge learned within the classroom. Benefits of participating in internships include:

  • Developing and enhancing employability skills
  • Gaining valuable academic and career-related experience
  • Applying classroom learning in real-world situations
  • Exploring an area of interest and validating career choices
  • Earning a paycheck and/or academic credit
  • Acquiring a greater sense of responsibility
  • Building relationships with professionals who can advise and mentor you

 Where to find internship opportunities?

 There are several ways to find internships:

  • Attending Career Fairs
  • Searching through a company’s “Careers” page
  • On national job search engines such as, and those identified on Career Services page:
    • Career Services
    • On HireTopDogs (formerly BulldogLink), searching under “Paid Internship” or “ARC Internships and Research Experiences”