Awards for Students Graduating from CSB

Numerous awards are made to students upon graduation.  These cover a wide range of areas and represent various recognitions.  Examples of awards are

  • Highest academic achievement in each department of the Craig School
  • Service to the School
  • Service to the Community
  • Recognition by various professional societies
  • Recognition of achievement sponsored by individuals
  • The Inspiration Award for a student who has overcome amazing obstacles in obtaining his/her education

Students are frequently approached by a faculty member and asked to apply but can also self-nominate and apply for these awards.

Awards come with a certificate and most have a small monetary stipend as well.

Deadline for Spring 2014 Awards is: March 14, 2014

Award Application

Click here for the award application. 

Some students have trouble filling out the application on tablets. If that happens, please use a computer running a full version of Microsoft Word. Save the document as Last Name_First Name_Award_App_2014.doc and email it to

For questions, please contact Kathy Moffitt, Associate Dean, at 559/ 278-2482 or