Awards for Students Graduating from CSB

Awards are made to undergraduate students upon graduation. Award recipients will be recognized at the annual CSB Annual Student Awards and Recognition Ceremony. 

Eligibility:For undergraduate students graduating in Spring 2021, Fall 2020, and Summer 2020 with degrees in Business Administration or Economics or Fashion Merchandising

Awards for Both Academic and Non-Academic Accomplishments include:

  • Highest Academic Achievement in each Department of the CSB.
  • Re-entry student award.
  • Non-Academic Inspirational Award for overcoming personal obstacles

Application: To apply for all awards, eligible students need to fill out an Award Application, then submit by email the Application and a Resume.

You can find the Application and instructions where to submit it by: Clicking here!

* Some students may have trouble filling out the Application on tablets.  If that happens, please use a computer running a full version of Microsoft Word.

* For Questions, please contact David Vera, Interim Associate Dean