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About Our Office

The Office of Student Professional Development is a service for students to enhance their overall professional development experience while at Fresno State. We intend to prepare students to be competitive in the job market, by providing resources for resume editing, mentorship/internship experiences, and interview preparation. 

Business Building

CSB 50

Introduction to business careers, career development, educational options, and opportunities provided by the Craig School of Business. Emphasis on CSB requirements, resources, and expectations. Presentation of topics by faculty, staff, alumni, and business executives.


Prerequisites: Open to all pre-business, business major, and business minor, registered students.


Units: 1


Grading:  CR/NC only (credit/no credit)


Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring


Mentorship / CSB 150

CSB 150 provides students with a great opportunity to explore different areas of business with a specially selected mentor from the local business community.  A mentorship differs from an internship; it is based solely on an advisory capacity and friendly guidance relationship by the employer to the student instead of a working relationship where the student is obligated to contribute to the employer in daily or weekly work tasks. It is an opportunity for a first chance of exposure to a field of their interest, and exclusive access to a professional to talk with one-on-one. 


Prerequisites: Open to all pre-business, business major, and business minor, registered students.


Requirements:  A minimum of 8 hours of contact time with a mentor (total) over a semester; 2-3 reflection assignments;  Pre-, mid-, and post program evaluations.  

Units: 1 (credit is awarded only one time; students can participate in mentorship in multiple semesters in a subsequent non-enrolled basis)


Grading:  CR/NC only (credit/no credit)


Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring



Internship / 195 & 191

The Craig School Internship Program is different than a part time job. Unlike a part time job, a student receives academic credit upon completion of an Internship. Also, the Internship (designed by the student and employer) provides the student with a progressive learning and growth experience, rather than a repetitive activity which is usually associated with a part time job. From an employer’s perspective, an Internship is a great way to identify and attract prospective full time employees prior to their graduation. Employers can contact the Internship Program office to create internship opportunities for students.


Prerequisites: Declaration of Business Administration as a major, completion of one upper-division course in your option, 2.5 GPA, permission of internship coordinator.


Requirements: 150 hours of work at a pre-qualified, academically-related work station (business, government or nonprofit agency). Reflective journal, final report, and work station evaluation. As a course substitution, prior department approval required. 


Units: 3, Repeatable up to 6 units. Only one internship may count towards option requirements.


Grading:  CR/NC only (credit/no credit)


Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer



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