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Requirements for enrolling for credit in the Internship (191 or 195) course:
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: START HERE. You must attend an ISSP workshop before you enroll.

  • Declared Business Administration, Economics, or Fashion Mechandising as a major (pre-business majors can not earn academic credit in 191/195-level courses)
  • Completed at least one upper-division course in your option
  • To view our database of Internships, you need to create an account on HIREFRESNOSTATE and upload a current resume. We STRONGLY suggest you have your resume reviewed by our office before you do this. We list both paid and unpaid positions here throughout the year (Fall, Summer, and Spring); depending on when you complete the internship you will be enrolled in either a Fall or Spring course.
  • Once you secure the Internship, you will need to submit a Request for Academic Credit for approval (this can also be picked up in our office, PB 181 or email the Internship Coordinator).
For an internship petition to be considered, it needs to meet the following criteria. Submitting a petition does NOT guarantee an approval for credit:
  • Minimum 150 hours of work, paid or unpaid at an approved worksite
  • Relevant to your option (for example, if you are an Accountancy major, you can't do a Marketing internship)
  • Over-site/management of your position provided by a professional staff member
  • If you are currently employed at your site, your Internship must NOT include any of your current duties
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