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2017-2018 Graduation Awards


Eligibility: An undergraduate student who will  graduate at the conclusion of this semester -  and IMPORTANT, filed for graduation already - or who graduated in Fall 2017 or Summer 2017 is eligible.

Types of  Awards:  Academic  Awards include the outstanding student from each department  and other discipline-specific  awards.  Additionally,  non-academic  awards are given, including: community service (usually given to a student with consistent service to the CSB), the inspiration award for a student who has overcome significant challenges in obtaining his/her degree,  and a special award to a re-entry student.


How to Apply  and Submit: To apply for all  awards, students fill out one short application  and attach their resume.

The application can be downloaded at the following CSB  Awards web page: awards.html

(It can also be accessed from a link in the main body of the Craig School of Business home web page.)

The last page of the Application provides simple instructions on how to submit the application  and resume.

The deadline to submit applications is March  5, 2018.


Convocation Guide

   Download the CSB 2018 CONVOCATION GUIDE

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