Why Study Abroad?

There are many different reasons to study abroad. In the end, however, students gain a unique experience from their time abroad. Of the numerous reasons to study abroad, let us just put a few out there for you:

  • Students who study abroad have higher 4-year graduation rates than students who do not study abroad.
  • Students who study abroad earn higher grades than their peers.
  • Study abroad experiences offer a great opportunity to improve your language skills.
  • A long-term study has found that study abroad has a substantial long-term impact on career paths and global engagement.
  • Study abroad experiences give students the chance to experience a different culture, customs, traditions, and ways of life.
  • 95% of students in a national survey have found exchange experiences useful with regard to their future career plans.
  • A majority of hiring managers and CEOs surveyed said that they “value an international study experience”.
  • Study abroad experiences look very positive on graduate school applications.