How to Apply

The One-on-One Exchange Program application instructions are as follows:

STEP 1 - Interest Interview

Set up a meeting with the program director. Email Crystal or call at 559.278.4723 to arrange an appointment. Please fill out an Interest Form and bring it along with your unofficial transcript to the meeting. You may also obtain this form at the Craig International office (PB 189).

STEP 2 - Application Documents

Fill out the Application Form and submit it to the Craig International office along with the required documents as following:

  1. Two Official Transcripts
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation from CSB faculty
  3. Letter of Intent

STEP 3 - Acceptance

If accepted to the program, you will be notified by the Craig International office by email with the acceptance letter. 

STEP 4 - Apply to the Host University

Contact Craig International office to find out how to apply to the host university that you selected and accommodation.

Please note that it is your responsibility to read and fill out the forms that required by the host university or provide any other documents necessary for oversea housing and visa.

*Any Language Courses or Programs are not part of the Exchange Program, it is optional for you to participate or not. Also, all the payments for these programs are your responsibility, not the Exchange Program.*

STEP 5 - Courses Approval

Download the Course Work Approval Form. You will have to find the courses you want to take abroad and match their descriptions with the courses offered at Fresno State, and get approval signatures from department chairs or advisors for the courses. Review the list of department chairs or advisors of the Craig School of Business. After you have all the signatures, submit the form to the Craig International Programs office.

STEP 6 - Registration

Download the Registration Payment Approval Form.

1. Obtain signature from Registrar office at Joyal Administration Building, Room 106 to register you for 12 units for the semester that you are studying abroad.

2. Pay registration fee at Cashier’s window and obtain the signature.

3. If you have Financial Aid, obtain signature from the Financial Aid office as well.

4. After Obtained all the signatures, submit the form to the Craig International office (PB 189).

STEP 7 - Complete Pre-departure Package

Fill out and submit the required documents through the website at Craig International-Exchange.

STEP 8 - Health Insurance

All Fresno State students participate at the Exchange programs are required to purchase study abroad insurance.

You will be contacted by email for the Insurance Quote and Payment Instructions.

*You must complete this step before you depart to oversea university.*

STEP 9 - Scholarship/ Travel Grant

A. Joy D. Covey Scholarship

Requirement: a. GPA requirement is 3.0 Campus GPA and above; b. Have financial needs. 

Please follow the instructions to apply for the scholarship:

1. Complete and submit a general scholarship application.

2. Go and do a search for "Covey". Once you see that specific opportunity, you will have to answer the supplemental questions and then click "apply". 

Once you completed the application, print out the confirmation page with your name on it and email Crystal the confirmation page.

B. Travel Grant

Complete the application form at Craig International-Exchange.

  • Please note that there is no guarantee for the awards of either the scholarship and travel grant.
  • You will be notified the result by email.

STEP 10 - Passport

The Passport Place at Fresno State is conveniently located in Continuing and Global Education, Room 140 of the Kremen Education Building (northwest corner of Shaw and Maple Avenues). For more information, please visit: The Passport Place at Fresno State.

For more information about international travel, please click the website: Travel.State.Gov.