Leaders of the Pack


Catie BallCatie Ball

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Missionary work, traveling, and baking cookies for my friends.

What is your dream career? My dream career is to own and operate my own bakery, which would use the best fair-trade and organic ingredients. I want to establish a bakery in my hometown and give back to the same community that has supported and invested in me.

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP to surround myself with creative and innovative minds. The program has so many opportunities that will steer me in the right business direction. I want to learn from my mentors’ business experiences, and I want to wisely invest my time here at Fresno State.





Oiang ChenQiang Chen

Major: Linguistics

What are your interests? Reading, traveling, listening to jazz music, organizing fun events and learning new things (especially new languages and cultures)

What is your dream career? I want to have my own company where I can conduct business with people around the world. Most importantly, I’d like my business to benefit the community.

Why did you join EMP? I want to improve myself. I took the entrepreneurship 81 class in the fall and completed the Skills Assessment. To be frank, I was not satisfied with my scores. I want to improve my scores and enhance my skills. After hearing about the EMP program, I felt it would be beneficial to me so I made the decision to get out of my comfort zone and explore my potential.





Joshua DowellJoshua Dowell

Major: Agriculture Communications – Political Science; Minor – Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Agriculture, leadership, networking, technology, baseball (GO GIANTS!), anything adrenaline inducing, and discussing big ideas that will change the world.

What is your dream career? I would like to help people every day reach their fullest potential, developing them into the person they are destined to be.

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP because I want to be part of the pack; the pack that is going to venture into this world and tear it up. These are the leaders and innovators of today, and I intend on being part of that mission.





Blake EllsworthBlake Ellsworth

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Traveling, cars, exercising, business, and music.

What’s your dream career? My dream career is to work in the automotive industry. I want to run my own exotic car dealership and focus on building relationships with my clientele. Eventually, I want to step into racing and own a race team to promote my dealership.

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP to learn from those who have an abundance of knowledge and want to share it. I hope this program will allow me to build my skills as an entrepreneur so that I might be able to pass down my own knowledge one day. I also know that I will have plenty of opportunity to network and collaborate with both students and professionals.





 Tyler GriffinAndrew McMillan

Major: Business Administration - Computer Information Systems

What are your interests? Chinese, traveling, backpacking, global politics and technology. I'm interested in everything and my only regret is not having enough time to master it all.

What's your dream career? To own my own consulting firm. Move over McKinsey, hello McMillan Consulting. I want to always stay ahead of the curve and constantly be adapting. Hopefully I'll be the one that CEO's turn to for help. Maybe one day I'll use my skills to help Children's Hospital and other organizations that helped save my life.

Why did you join EMP?  Because I would like to meet the best and brightest outside my field of study at Fresno State. I also felt like I needed someone with experience outside the 9-5 work world to help guide me, and push me to take risks, and grow as a person.




 Daniel MalcolmDaniel Malcolm

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Spending time with family, adventure sports, music, movies, traveling, and starting businesses.

What’s your dream career? My dream is to found and head a successful world-renowned conglomerate.

Why did you join EMP? I want to take advantage of this opportunity to have access to so many successful entrepreneurs that want to mentor students and aspiring entrepreneurs like me. I will be starting my online retail for neckties, SparkleTies.com this year, so I would love to be introduced to a network of people that can help me along the way. I have also really enjoyed attending the Coleman Fellows Workshop Series. I like to apply as much Information from these sources as I can to my current business ventures and catalog the rest of the information for use in future ventures. I have learned a great deal from these workshops and imagine that EMP will provide an even better experience for me to learn and apply important information for entrepreneurs. I have participated in a lot of programs and activities hosted by the Lyles Center and I have been very impressed with and grateful for the amazing resources and opportunities these programs have provided me with.




 Sebastian ColeSebastian Cole

Major: Business Administration - General Finance

What are your interests? I like to travel and experience new cultures and customs. I also like to do do physical activities such as hiking, working out, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.

What’s your dream career? My dream career would be any well-paying job that would require me to travel both domestically and internationally. When the time is right, I would like to open up my own business. Ideally, this business would be one that will benefit society.

Why did you join EMP?  I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and start to work on strengthening my professional leadership skills. In specific, I wanted to focus on my networking and communicating abilities. I also joined the program to surround myself with like-minded individuals with success always on their minds.





 Ga-Lhiel DillardGa-Lhiel Dullard

Major: Agricultural Business

What are your interests? In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, being outdoors, hunting, fishing, loving every day, and working with my hands. I also take a liking to leadership and networking opportunities; actively participating in my faith and the curch. I also dabble in learning more about technology and investing.

What’s your dream career? Being from the Central Valley and an agricultural business major, I aspirte to stay in the Valley and open my own business as a broker of agricultural commodities. Having a love for agriculture and working the land, I also desire to own land and farm tree and row crops here in the Valley.

Why did you join EMP? I joined Laval EMP to make connections throughout the community and had to strengthen myself as a Valley entrepreneur and a leader. By being in EMP, I am most looking forward to being around those with common interests and innovative ideas.






Jonathan Meza

 Jonathan Meza
 Major: Business  Administration –  Accounting
 What are your interests?  Sports, cars, traveling, and  working.
 What is your dream  career?    
 I would like to one day own  a business  or be the  CEO/CFO of a large  company.  I would like to  have a career in which I  receive good income,  allowing me to  give back  to my community.
Why did you join EMP? I  joined EMP to become a  successful person. I am aware of the impact this program has had on alumni. I’d like to take full advantage of this great opportunity. 




Nashira Morales (NEED HEADSHOT)

Major: Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? I love to read, spend time with my family, play soccer, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, workout, hike, and travel

What is your dream career? It is one that will include public/motivational speaking and will be connected to sports. It would involve building a company from the ground up and doing what I can to make sure I can give back to my community.

Why did you join EMP? This program gives us a valuable opportunity to meet like-minded students and gain knowledge from those who have already experienced the very thing we are striving to accomplish. This allows us to utilize our special skills and it encourages us to have a higher level of thinking, which is essential to being a successful entrepreneur.





Michael OlagueMichael Olague 

Major: Business Administration – Accountancy; Professional Certificate in Finance 

What are your interests? Researching the perfect method to prepare Top Ramen, monitoring investments and financial markets, networking with just about anyone, midnight bike rides through Tower District, downtown revitalization, sunglasses, an unhealthy Star Wars Lego addiction and those chalky candy hearts are the things that keep me happy 

What is your dream career? I dream of finding something that not only makes me happy, but makes the world a better place. Maybe I could be the first accountant on Mars? 

Why did you join EMP? The acid test for successful business leaders is no longer derived from the "bottom line." Leaders must be able to recognize needs in their communities and seek innovative methods to provide a remedy. I have no doubt that EMP will encourage me to develop the skills, network, and determination to make a positive, concrete change here in the Central Valley.




Edgar CastroEdgar Castro

Major: Business Administration- Accountacy

What are your interests? Watching Friends over and over again, traveling, discovering new music, socializing, playing tennis, swimming.

What’s your dream career? Wolf of Wall Street without the drugs. I hope to one day start a non-profit organization. 

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP to meet people that are on the same entrepreneurial journey as myself. I want to learn a few things from people who are extremely successful in what they do so that I can incorporate that into my road to success.





 Manwinder SinghManwinder "Money"  Singh

Major: Health Administration

What are your interests? Leadership, Movies, Food, Traveling, Intellectual conversations, UFC, Volunteering, Music, Health, and Money.

What's your dream career? To be a top shot lawyer in a big city who co-owns franchises, restaurants, and a movie production company. As well as give back to my community and be a better change in the world.

Why did you join EMP? I personally joined to better implement myself as a leader, my personal development skills, to learn intellectual aspects I can become better at and join leaders who will be the change in the world I see as well.




 Nicholas PerezNicholas Perez

Major: Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies - Accounting

What are your interests? I love to be inside a gym or doing anything related to fitness. It's been a passion of mine since I was little, from baseball to weightlifting or hiking to salsa dancing. Also, I like to socialize with different groups of people to experience their goals and passions. I also like to try new things because you never know if that could be your next interest.

What’s your dream career? My dream career is to run a top tier fitness industry that builds up, both mentally and physically, future athletes and people who aspire to be something greater. I want to help people lose weight, feel better, or become the next Division 1/ professional athlete. Whatever the goal, I want to make sure it is realized.

Why did you join EMP? From attending the first mixer, my first thought was "this is the program that everyone needs to be a part of while in college." Everyone I met was inspiring and had goals to make something out of themselves. Also, networking with several successful entrepreneurs and hearing their stories made you realize their humble beginning and what they went through to get where they are at today. It was helpful and I anticipate great things coming from this program.






Gabriel Garnica Gabriel Garnica

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Mixed Martial Arts training, business, and music.

What's your dream career? To open several restaurants and bars and to start my own non-profit organization to encourage and empower young women to pursue a higher education and aid them in the execution of their ambitions.  

Why did you join EMP? I find value in being a part of a program that surrounds me with like-minded people. The day Dr. Stearns and previous EMP students spoke of the program in my Entrepreneurship 81 class, I knew that I had to be a part of this amazing opportunity. The program was highly recommended by the students who presented how EMP aided them in their successes. I am eager to be mentored and surrounded by other innovators, staying motivated and utilizing information, such as other’s experiences and failures, to create a better outlook on my future aspirations.





 Jaqueline DuenezJaqueline Duenez

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? I enjoy spending my time raising my pet chickens, utilizing my planner, as well as discovering new ways of enhancing my productivity. 

What’s your dream career? My life will be fulfilled once I start upa  Non-profit organization targeting students ages 10-14, emphasizing on their social and educational success.

Why did you join EMP? By joining the Laval EMP I hope to exercise my business communication skills and have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Surrounding myself with passionate, driven and business orientated individuals will place me in the environment I need in order to enrich my college experience and lead me to a better future.





 Javier MosquedaJavier Mosqueda

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Traveling, exploring local restaurants, and spending time with loved ones.

What’s your dream career? My dream career would be to open my own business, specifically a tortilleria in the Monterey County; eventually I would like to expand to other locations.

Why did you join EMP? Since transferring to Fresno State I have heard nothing but positive experiences about the EMP and how much it has impacted other students. By joining EMP I hope to enhance my professional skills and build strong connections with both students and mentors.







Jerrica HarroldJerrica Harrold

Major: Business Administration - Management

What are your interests? My interests include long hikes, fishing, and spending days at the lake. I am an avid seeker of adventure, spontaneous road trips and country music festivals. I'm known to be obsessed with sunrises and sunsets, but my logic is this: Why anticipate the chaos when you can see the peace (in nature)?

What's your dream career? To work for FIRST. For iNspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology is a Robotics program inspiring the young minds of elementary to high school age students. I participated in the program for two years of my high school career where I found my passion for technology, education and witnessed the innovative and creative minds of the younger generation. This program invites the out of the ordinary, the creative, the thinkers, the innovators; which I believe will lead us to the next advances in not only our community, but in the world.

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP because of the opportunity. The immense opportunity to learn, to grow, and to network was impossible to pass up. Being a first generation college student from a small town, I like to take advantage of every business opportunity that I am made aware of. I am looking forward to meeting business leaders, like-minded peers and other influential individuals who will contribute to the value of this program and my career path.





William Van HeusenWilliam Van Heusen

Major: Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Hiking, ballroom dancing, painting, swimming in the ocean, and developing myself as a businessman

What’s your dream career?  Make a living as a consultant helping other people start and manage their own businesses.

Why did you join EMP?  I joined the Laval EMP to grow and develop my skills as a businessman and student, and I am excited to be able to connect and network with likeminded people.