Spring 2019 EMP Students 


Bertha Flores Bertha Flores 

Major: Business Management  

What are your interests? I have recently gained a love for the outdoors. I especially enjoy bicycling and hiking. I visited Coarsegold, Oakhurst, Bass Lake and Shaver Lake this past summer and completed a different hike almost every week. It was a wonderful experience. I got to see and enjoy Fresno's beautiful backyard. In the past 2 years I have been exploring all of California, getting to know our state and what it has to offer. In the near future I would love to complete a cross country trip as well as travel internationally to Mexico, Bali, Thailand, and Australia.

What is your dream career? I aspire to own my own business. I know being a business owner will have many unique challenges, and I will have to apply myself and work hard. But, like Muhammad Ali once said, "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'.'' The long nights, missed lunches and penniless days will all be worth it. I will have the opportunity to travel the world and live life at my own pace and on my own terms.

Why did you join EMP? I grew up in a very small town about 30 minutes South of Fresno called Caruthers. My family owned a couple of businesses in the 80's and 90's which influenced me to instinctively be interested in business. Now I am pursuing a career and I realize my network is fairly small. I had been searching for a way into our business community. I heard about this program and I knew I had struck gold. I am honored to have been selected. I know the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I will gain from all of our Mentors' life and business experiences will be priceless.






Sam HodorowskiSam Hodorowski 

Major: Business Management

What are your interests? Photography, reading, videogames, traveling

What is your dream career? One that always comes to mind is to open up a cool business where fellow gamers, movie buffs, and overall nerds can go to hangout. It would have a small cafe, movie screen, gaming consoles, and theme nights. Just a place to have fun with like- minded people. 

Why did you join EMP? I want to challenge myself to meet new people with similar interests in the business world. You can never stop improving and learning from others and I wanted to experience what it would be like to have a mentor to see what goes on in their professional lives and learn how they've overcome their challenges. 





Stefany InfanteStefany Infante

Major: Business Management 

What are your interests? Working out, hiking, reading, traveling, make up, fashion

What is your dream career? I hope to one day be successful enough to have my own little empire, I want to open a drive thru convenience store, cross-fit gym, business women clothing line, dispensary/ lounge and the list goes on!

Why did you join EMP? There's nothing like having support from those who think and function like yourself. Having mentors who have been through the journey I am facing today is ideal for any entrepreneur. This program allows me to expand my knowledge and skills more than any lecture would. 





Teo RamosTeo Ramos

Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Traveling, cars, exercising, business, and music.

What’s your dream career? My dream career is to work in the automotive industry. I want to run my own exotic car dealership and focus on building relationships with my clientele. Eventually, I want to step into racing and own a race team to promote my dealership.

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP to learn from those who have an abundance of knowledge and want to share it. I hope this program will allow me to build my skills as an entrepreneur so that I might be able to pass down my own knowledge one day. I also know that I will have plenty of opportunity to network and collaborate with both students and professionals.





 Gabriela Segobiano Gabriela Segobiano

Major: Psychology 

What are your interests? The things I love to do during my spare time is reading, attending local concerts in town, and traveling to foreign countries with friends and family to learn and experience different cultures and lifestyles. 

What's your dream career? My dream career is to run my own private clinic as a physical therapist. As a first generation college student, I want to break the cycle of only being an employee and not being a boss. While having my own business, I want to be creative and create programs that will have a positive impact towards the Central Valley. 

Why did you join EMP? I joined Laval EMP because it would give me the opportunity to gain professional experience and knowledge from local business leaders themselves. In addition, being around self-driven peers for an academic year will motivate me to better myself as a person both on a personal and education level. This program will push my mindset to further strive for what I can accomplish for the future.




 Savanhnary VongThongdySavanhnary Vongthongdy

Major: Business Administration – Accountancy

What are your interests? Some of my interests include holistic healing, painting, reading, traveling, theatrical plays, museums, poetry, spoken word, being near large bodies of water, and esthetic related subjects.

What’s your dream career? Owning my own business or businesses that provides a financial freedom in which I can choose how to spend my time and use those resources to give back to my community.

Why did you join EMP?  I am currently opening my salon and was seeking people with the same mindset pertaining to business. I had the intentions of building lasting relationships with people who can sympathize the pros and cons when pursuing entrepreneurship.





 Alexandria MendozaAlexandria Mendoza

Major: Business Administration - Marketing, Minor in Sociology 

What are your interests? Photography, Art, Dance, Music, Travel, Sports, Community Development, Environmental protection, International Relations

What’s your dream career? Human Rights Representative or Marketing Director for Environment or Humanitarian Affairs for the United Nations

Why did you join EMP? I’m currently majoring in business administration-marketing and minoring in sociology. Minoring in sociology will give me the knowledge needed to understand better communities, cultures, and people from different backgrounds. Through business administration-marketing I learn how to administrate, manage, and market an organization. My goal in life is to help those in need by targeting businesses and corporations with the purpose of fundraising money to create programs to help improve develop communities, protect the environment, and save animals. 

There are multiple career goals that I will like to achieve. The first one would be to finish my bachelor’s and minor. I love my major and minor, and I can’t wait to utilize what I have learn through my classes to prospect projects. The second goal is to learn to grow within my field. Before I can become an independent business owner, I feel the need to learn from those that have being in the field for years. By working with them I’m learning from their experiences and increasing my knowledge. Third goal, I want to be able to own and run my own business. I’m good at creating, planning, and managing. I feel that I have what it takes to start something from scratch, but first I need to learn about the industry, and for that I need a mentor.

I joined the Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program to learn about entrepreneurship as well as how to implement what I have learned in my classes to real life. I am where I am today because of my teachers, professors, and community leaders who believed in me and motivated me to continue my education. If it wasn’t for their support I probably would of been another statistic on a piece of paper. I love to learn, to listen, to think, and to discuss what others are afraid of. I tend to be riskful and I’m not afraid to speak my mind, and neither to fail. I would love to have my own business one day, but to do that I need a mentor. I believe that being able to work with a business leader from the community is a great opportunity to grow professionally and as a leader. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to help those that have a voice but can’t speak, but I also want to have my own business that consist of creativity and innovation. I believe that the Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program would help me grow from student to professional, but it would also help me create the foundation for my life purpose “advocate for those in need”. 






 Macie SaizMacie Saiz

Major: Business Administration with a Finance Option 

What are your interests? My interests are Latin dancing, traveling, hiking, adrenaline rushes, learning everything that I can, and enjoying the company of my family and friends. 

What’s your dream career? My dream career is to dominate the entertainment business in Fresno. I want to design a nightclub that is inspired by the biggest cities in the United States and around the world. I want to bring a new nightlife to Fresno! With that said, I want to give back to the community by opening a scholarship foundation at Fresno State and Fresno City that supports students like myself. 

Why did you join EMP? I joined the Laval Entrepreneur Program for multiple reasons. I want to surround myself with like-minded individuals that will inspire, motivate, and push me. Secondly, I want to get out of my comfort zone and push my limits, I felt EMP was the perfect place to do so. Lastly, I want to improve myself as a student, person, and a leader. 







Toniemarie Munoz

 Toniemarie Munoz

 Major: Business Management- Event Planning


What are your interests? My interests are having family barbeques, camping, vacations and playing with my niece and nephew. I love adventure including road trips and traveling to other countries. I am also a neat freak that likes to organize and creating events.


 What is your dream career? My dream career is to become an event planner. My career goal is to become an event planner working with high end customers where I can go all out with creativity and give me the opportunity to travel. I believe I can succeed in this goal because I am aware of the difficulty to be successful in this business and know I need to start low to get there. This business will take a lot of awareness of my abilities and networking to get my name known. I am head strong and willing to do what it takes.  This industry will require someone to take a chance on me due to my lack of experience and my young age so I know this will have a lot of failure before I have much success.

 Why did you join EMP? I am the type of person to have my goals in place and multiple plans on how I am going to get there. I joined EMP because of the collaborations with professionals that can keep me with reality and the networking opportunity that is to come from it. After meeting my fellow members, I am excited to be a part of a group that strives for creativity and have a lot of self-confidence.





Maricarmen CuevasMaricarmen Cuevas 

Major: Business Administration- Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? My interest involve taking photographs of my cat Jingle and updating her instagram Jingle_Meets_World. I spend my time inventing simple desserts and meals from scratch. I enjoy researching new things, words, trends, and etc. My passion for volunteering along with the Kiwanis nonprofit organization.

What is your dream career? My dream career involved being a professor and being able to help students further their education. Meanwhile being able to run my current business Modern Twist -Handcrafted Churros at its full potential and executing my business ideas.

Why did you join EMP? I joined Laval EMP because I wanted to continue building myself as a student and as an entrepreneur. I joined because I wanted to surrounded by students like myself that are trying to absorb every learning experience they can get their hands on. I felt ready to start developing my professional persona. I wanted to have a mentor to help me grow as an individual and as a future business leader.





Ashley KuhnAshley Kuhn  

Major: Finance

What are your interests? Stock Market, Real Estate, Documentaries, Swimming, Travel, Creating Social Change, Green Tea and Zombies.  

 What is your dream career? My dream career is to own my own corporation similar to Warren Buffet’s corporation Berkshire Hathaway. I would like to start my own businesses, purchase others and create a nice collection of investments. Real Estate ownership is also an interest of mine and I would like to own homes in every state. To keep my creative side going I write screen plays as well and would like to see them made into movies in the future.

 Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP to meet people who are productive and positive. I wanted to push myself outside of my boundaries to meet people I would have not otherwise meet. I wanted to meet people who were living the Entrepreneur’s lifestyle and learn from their wisdom. 





Abel Zamarripas Abel Zamarripas 

Major: Business Management 

What are your interests? I love learning, networking, exploring new ideas, traveling, creating relationships, reading, playing sports, cooking, art, music, and all other spices of life. 

What’s your dream career? My Dream Career is to have my own business and dominate all of California in the Industry I get into. If I must choose one, my dream would be to become a full time venture capitalist. 

Why did you join EMP? Because I was able to connect to local professionals and ask questions about my future career. I also joined because it was a good idea to be surrounded by like minded people that also wanted to become entrepreneurs.






 Jesus PimentelJesus Pimentel 

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship 

What are your interests? Videography, Photography, Traveling, Backpacking, meeting new people and hearing their life stories.

What's your dream career? My dream career would be to travel the world meeting people and learning about their different cultures and stories. I want to be able to help make a positive impact everywhere I visit and leave it better than I found it. 

Why did you join EMP? I joined the Laval EMP program to gain new skills and a greater understanding of the community around me. Fresno is such a diverse place and I plan on meeting all the great community leaders that contribute to Fresno's greatness. I hope that after completing this program, I will soon join the ranks of these incredible leaders who call Fresno home.




 Jaquay Washington 

Major: Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies - Accounting

What are your interests? I love to be inside a gym or doing anything related to fitness. It's been a passion of mine since I was little, from baseball to weightlifting or hiking to salsa dancing. Also, I like to socialize with different groups of people to experience their goals and passions. I also like to try new things because you never know if that could be your next interest.

What’s your dream career? My dream career is to run a top tier fitness industry that builds up, both mentally and physically, future athletes and people who aspire to be something greater. I want to help people lose weight, feel better, or become the next Division 1/ professional athlete. Whatever the goal, I want to make sure it is realized.

Why did you join EMP? From attending the first mixer, my first thought was "this is the program that everyone needs to be a part of while in college." Everyone I met was inspiring and had goals to make something out of themselves. Also, networking with several successful entrepreneurs and hearing their stories made you realize their humble beginning and what they went through to get where they are at today. It was helpful and I anticipate great things coming from this program.






 Luz Estada 

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Mixed Martial Arts training, business, and music.

What's your dream career? To open several restaurants and bars and to start my own non-profit organization to encourage and empower young women to pursue a higher education and aid them in the execution of their ambitions.  

Why did you join EMP? I find value in being a part of a program that surrounds me with like-minded people. The day Dr. Stearns and previous EMP students spoke of the program in my Entrepreneurship 81 class, I knew that I had to be a part of this amazing opportunity. The program was highly recommended by the students who presented how EMP aided them in their successes. I am eager to be mentored and surrounded by other innovators, staying motivated and utilizing information, such as other’s experiences and failures, to create a better outlook on my future aspirations.





 Rosa Saldana 

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? I enjoy spending my time raising my pet chickens, utilizing my planner, as well as discovering new ways of enhancing my productivity. 

What’s your dream career? My life will be fulfilled once I start upa  Non-profit organization targeting students ages 10-14, emphasizing on their social and educational success.

Why did you join EMP? By joining the Laval EMP I hope to exercise my business communication skills and have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Surrounding myself with passionate, driven and business orientated individuals will place me in the environment I need in order to enrich my college experience and lead me to a better future.





 Lilia Mendoza

Major: Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Traveling, exploring local restaurants, and spending time with loved ones.

What’s your dream career? My dream career would be to open my own business, specifically a tortilleria in the Monterey County; eventually I would like to expand to other locations.

Why did you join EMP? Since transferring to Fresno State I have heard nothing but positive experiences about the EMP and how much it has impacted other students. By joining EMP I hope to enhance my professional skills and build strong connections with both students and mentors.







Jennifer Vang 

Major: Business Administration - Management

What are your interests? My interests include long hikes, fishing, and spending days at the lake. I am an avid seeker of adventure, spontaneous road trips and country music festivals. I'm known to be obsessed with sunrises and sunsets, but my logic is this: Why anticipate the chaos when you can see the peace (in nature)?

What's your dream career? To work for FIRST. For iNspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology is a Robotics program inspiring the young minds of elementary to high school age students. I participated in the program for two years of my high school career where I found my passion for technology, education and witnessed the innovative and creative minds of the younger generation. This program invites the out of the ordinary, the creative, the thinkers, the innovators; which I believe will lead us to the next advances in not only our community, but in the world.

Why did you join EMP? I joined EMP because of the opportunity. The immense opportunity to learn, to grow, and to network was impossible to pass up. Being a first generation college student from a small town, I like to take advantage of every business opportunity that I am made aware of. I am looking forward to meeting business leaders, like-minded peers and other influential individuals who will contribute to the value of this program and my career path.





William Van HeusenWilliam Van Heusen

Major: Entrepreneurship

What are your interests? Hiking, ballroom dancing, painting, swimming in the ocean, and developing myself as a businessman

What’s your dream career?  Make a living as a consultant helping other people start and manage their own businesses.

Why did you join EMP?  I joined the Laval EMP to grow and develop my skills as a businessman and student, and I am excited to be able to connect and network with likeminded people.