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The Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to build impactful relationships with Central Valley business leaders.

Through weekly forums, EMP students have access to lessons and insights of successful, local entrepreneurs. Students gain professional experience and networking know-how through social gatherings, skill-development opportunities and behind-the-scenes tours of some of the Central Valley’s most successful businesses.

Students in the Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program are matched one-on-one with a mentor that best suits their area of interest. However, participants have access to all mentors, with an opportunity to receive guidance for years after they graduate from the program.


Photo of Dr. Timothy StearnsThe Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program is a national model for building skills that rapidly accelerates students into the realm of entrepreneurship.

- Dr. Timothy Stearns





MariselaThe Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and pushes students to think beyond what they imagined could be accomplished. 

- Marisela Hamm-Flores, EMP Mentee Coordinator






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