Internships, Mentorships & Jobs

Employers and Students can benefit from the Craig School Internship Program, as well as part time and full time job opportunities arranged through university Career Services office. 

The Craig School Internship Program is different than a part time job. Unlike a part time job, a student receives academic credit upon completion of an Internship. Also, the Internship (designed by the student and employer) provides the student with a progressive learning and growth experience, rather than a repetitive activity which is usually associated with a part time job. From an employer’s perspective, an Internship is a great way to identify and attract prospective full time employees prior to their graduation. Employers can contact the Internship Program office to create internship opportunities for students.

Students interested in full or part-time jobs, on-campus interviews with prospective employers, and resume and interview preparation can avail themselves of the many opportunities provided by the Craig School's Office of Internships and Applied Experiences.  Just log into SYNERGY to get the most up-to-date information available.  You can also contact the university Career Services office. Employers are encouraged to log into SYNERGY or directly contact our Office of Internships and Applied Experience.  They speak business and can provide you with personal attention in your quest for just the right employee.