The Craig Honors Program is a two semester program.  Students apply during the Spring semester when they have or will complete approximately 90 units.  The Honors Seminars begin in the Fall semester and conclude the following Spring semester.

CSB 185. Senior Honors Seminar I (Fall Senior Year) Units 3

Prerequisite: acceptance into the Craig Honors Program. Analysis of business research and its application to business problems. Current issues and methods for solving business problems. Business research methodology, ethical considerations in designing research. Literature review and written proposal required for honors thesis. Data collection and analysis, graduate school, and job searches. Fall of senior year.

CSB 186. Senior Honors Seminar II 
(Spring Senior Year) Units 3

Prerequisite: CSB 185. Analysis of business research and the application to business problems. Writing, editing and revising manuscripts, preparing professional presentations, preparing papers for publication, and designing conference posters. Spring of senior year. (Formerly MGT 186B) Units: 3

Note: Departments may waive an option/major requirement and use the Honors units in place of the waived requirement.