About the Department

The Department of Economics offers a well-developed and balanced curriculum encompassing the major schools of modern economic thought. The program at Fresno State is designed to give the student maximum flexibility in the choice of courses offered for the economics major. The department offers theory courses and problem-oriented courses like the environmental economics, history of economic thought, government regulation, labor economics, international trade and finance, regional economics, money and banking, economics development of poor nations, and government taxation and expenditure.

In addition, students may sign up for an independent study course to pursue in depth any current economic issue or problem.

The department is staffed with eight full-time faculty members with doctorates. Each faculty member has specializations in two or more of the above-mentioned areas of study.

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Careers in Economics

Graduates pursue a variety of challenging careers as high school instructors and in university education, industry, finance, government, and international business.

A graduate is qualified to apply for the position of economist with federal, state, and local civil service agencies. Along with the economics degree, a few selected courses in business and statistics prepare graduates for career opportunities in industry and finance. Combined with other social sciences courses, a major or minor in economics can qualify a person for a social science teaching credential.

Future in Education

A major in economics is an excellent background for law school or a master's degree in social work, business administration, international relations, or public administration and policy. For a position as a professional economist, a master's degree or a doctorate is generally required.