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  • Cadets MUST complete (1) full academic semester before being eligible to compete for In-college scholarships 
  • Must meet all AFROTC eligibility criteria to compete:
    • U.S. citizenship prior to end of sophomore year
    • Medically qualified 
    • Minimum GPA
    • Meet Air Force height & weight standards
    • Pass the Air Force Fitness Assessment (FA)
    • If applying for High School Scholarship you must apply before 17 January of your senior year in High School.  More information and the High School Scholarship application can be found at
    • For 2019, the HSSP application window closes January 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM

High School Students

  • Type 1 - Uncapped tuition and most fees
  • Type 2 - $18,000/yr tuition and most fees
  • Type 7 - In-State tuition* (less than $9,000/yr) and most fees

In-College Scholarships

  • Type 2 - $15,000/yr tuition
  • Type 3 - $9,000/yr tuition
  • Type 6 - $3,000/yr tuition
  • Open to college freshmen and sophomores in any major
  • Cadets are nominated by cadre and do not apply

*All scholarship recipients receive $600/yr for books and a $300-$500 monthly stipend (stipend dependent on what year the student is in the program)*

*Scholarships are dependent on needs of the Air Force and are subject to change*

Additional Scholarship Information

  • For additional information on scholarships, please visit AFROTC webpage
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