Degree Progress

There are several stages of progress to receiving your degree

Pre-Business Requirements

  • ACCT 4A (Financial Accounting) 3 Units
  • ACCT 4B (Managerial Accounting) 3 Units
  • BA 18 (Business and the Legal Environment) 4 Units
  • DS 71 GE B4 (Finite Math) 3 Units
  • DS 73 (Statistical Analysis) 3 Units
  • ECON 40 GE D3 (Microeconomics) 3 Units
  • ECON 50 GE D3 (Macroeconomics) 3 Units
  • Computer Competency which can be proven by
    • a grade of "C" or better in IS 52  (Computer Concepts) 2 Units and IS 52L (Computer Concepts Lab) 1 Unit or
    • through Credit by Examination for both components of of IS 52, or
    • through a Challenge Exam.

 Business Core

  • DS 123 (Statistical Analysis II) 3 Units
  • FIN 120 (Principles of Finance)  4 Units
  • IS 130 (Management Information Systems) 3 Units
  • MGT 110 (Administration and Organizational Behavior) 6 Units
  • MKTG 100S (Marketing Concepts) 4 Units
  • MGT 124 (Production/Operations Management) 4 Units

General Education Requirements (48-51 Units)

General Education requirements can be found here.

It is very important for Pre-business students to consult with an advisor in the Craig School of Business Advising Center when choosing their GE courses.  A few courses, such as Econ 40, Econ 50, and DS 71 are required of all business majors and may also count as meeting a GE area requirement.  In addition, recent catalog changes waive the Multicultural/International upper division GE requirement for business students depending on catalog year.