Faculty and Staff

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Adams, Jahnava NG-158 AF-ROTC jaadams@csufresno.edu 559-278-2593 Staff, Admin. Asst
Agrava,   Nichole PB-554 Acct agrava2@mail.fresnostate.edu 559-278-4012 Lecturer
Anderson, Lydia PB-552 Mktg lyanderson@csufresno.edu 559-278-2496 Lecturer
Anderson, Randy PB-502 ISDS randya@csufresno.edu 559-278-3096 Full   Prof
Andrews, Rosa PB   322 Econ rosaj@csufresno.edu 559-278-4045 Lecturer
Arisian, Arakel PB-320 Econ/FBL arakela@csufresno.edu 559-278-8832 Lecturer
Arisian, Nazik PB-285 FBL narisian@mail.fresnostate.edu 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Avalos, Antonio PB-385B Econ aavalos@csufresno.edu 559-278-8793 Assoc   Prof
Avery, Rosalie PB-287 ISDS rosaliea@csufresno.edu 559-278-2823 Staff, Admin. Asst
Baker, Dennis PB-249 Acct dennisb@csufresno.edu 559-278-2546 Full   Prof
Baker, Tim PB-511 Acct tbaker@csufresno.edu 559-278-3997 Lecturer
Bell, Monique PB   532 Mktg mbell@csufresno.edu 559-278-4965 Assist   Prof
Bennett, Barry Off   Campus Mgt mnabors@bennettsharpe.com 559-485-0120 Lecturer
Biggert, Denise PB-289 Mgt deniseb@csufresno.edu 559-278-2851 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Bitter, Janet PB-501 Mgt jbitter@csufresno.edu 559-278-4968 Lecturer
Bojorquez-Ford, Micheala PB-181 SPD micheala@csufresno.edu 559-278-4985 Staff,   Student Profe
Bommer, Bill PB-222 Mgt wbommer@csufresno.edu 559-278-2493 Full   Prof
Bourque, kenneth NG-158 AF-ROTC kbourque@csufresno.edu 559-278-6201 Chair
Brueggemann, Jeff PB-516 Econ/FBL jbrueggemann@csufresno.edu 559-278-4045 Lecturer
Burch-Konda, Regina PB-501 Mgt reginaburchkonda@msn.com 559-278-4968 Lecturer
Burns, Tom PB-187 Mgt tombu@csufresno.edu 559-278-2107 Lecturer
Canton, Alan PB-531 Mktg acanton@csufresno.edu 559-278-8071 Lecturer
Chaffe-Stengel, Priscilla PB-235 ISDS pchaffe@csufresno.edu 559-278-4963 Full   Prof
Chen, Kuang (K.C.) PB-285 FBL kchen@csufresno.edu 559-278-5646 Full   Prof & Chair
Chi, Yinmun NG   211 Army   ROTC yichi@csufresno.edu 5592785459 Staff
Copeland, Cheryl PB-524 Acct copeland@csufresno.edu 559-278-8555 Lecturer
Crane, Maureen PB518 Acct maureenc@csufresno.edu 559-278-4972 Lecturer
Cui, Crystal PB-189 IBP lcui@csufresno.edu 559-278-4723 Staff
de Freitas, Diane PB-516 Econ ddefreitas@csufresno.edu 559-278-4045 Lecturer
Dunn, Lewis PB-512 Econ ldunn@csufresno.edu 559-278-4988 Lecturer
Eckles, Darrin NG-161 AF   ROTC deckles@csufresno.edu 559-278-6204 Lecturer
Etezadi, Touradj PB-206 FBL tetezadi@csufresno.edu 559-278-4067 Lecturer
Fabian, Thea PB-323 Econ tfabian@csufresno.edu 559-278-4933 Lecturer
Fan, Qin PB   319 Econ qfan@csufresno.edu 559-278-4931 Assist   Prof
Fayazmanesh, Sasan PB-317 Econ sasanf@csufresno.edu 559-278-2672 Full   Prof
Few, Lori PB-182 UBC lfew@csufresno.edu 559-278-4426 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Finley, Jeffrey PB-248 Mktg jfinley@csufresno.edu 559-278-4976 Lecturer
Forsythe, Lynn PB-220 FBL lynnf@csufresno.edu 559-278-4956 Full   Prof
Frediani, Robert PB-285 FBL rofrediani@csufresno.edu 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Geringer, Susan PB-533 Mktg sgeringer@csufresno.edu 559-278-7995 Assoc   Prof
Glover, Brian PB-514 Mktg bglover@csufresno.edu 559-278-4957 Lecturer
Goulart, Robert PB-542 ISDS robertgoulart@csufresno.edu 559-278-4991 Lecturer
Gurule, Armando NG   211 Army   ROTC agurule@csufresno.edu 5592786668 Staff
Hansz, Andrew PB-204 FBL jhansz@csufresno.edu 559-278-8055 Full   Prof
Hao, Lizhong PB-214 Acct lhao@csufresno.edu 559-278-0301 Assist   Prof
Harper, Robert PB-282 Dean roberth@csufresno.edu 559-278-2482 Dean
Harper, Robin PB-185 USS rharper@csufresno.edu 559-278-4943 Staff, Advising
Hart, Deborah PB-513 FBL dhart@csufresno.edu 559-278-2228 Lecturer
Hatcher, Myron PB-240 ISDS myronh@csufresno.edu 559-278-2635 Full   Prof
Haughtelin (Wilke), Susan PB   552 Mktg shaughtelin@csufresno.edu 559-278-2496 Lecturer
Hazas, Eric NG   211 Army   ROTC ehazas@csufresno.edu 559-278-5458 Lecturer
Heimerdinger, Kristin PB-322 Econ kristinh@csufresno.edu 559-278-4045 Lecturer
Henson, James PB-205 ISDS jahenson@csufresno.edu 559-278-2918 Full   Prof
Hirasuna, Kathy PB-388 Mktg khirasun@csufresno.edu 559-278-7830 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Hitchcock, Roger PB-520 ISDS roger.hitchcock@scccd.edu 559-278-1027 Lecturer
Hoepner, Nathan NG-211 Army   ROTC nhoepner@csufresno.edu 559-278-5461 Lecturer
Hollenbeck, Marcia PB-515 ISDS mhollenb@csufresno.edu 559-278-2330 Lecturer
Houts, Lisa PB-539 Mgt lisahouts@csufresno.edu 559-278-4980 Lecturer
Huff, Patricia PB-544 Acct patricia@csufresno.edu 559-278-2021 Full   Prof
Iriberri, Alicia PB-221 ISDS airiberri@csufresno.edu 559-278-4852 Assist   Prof
Isom Schmidtke, Jennifer PB-501 Mgt jenisom@csufresno.edu 559-278-4968 Lecturer
Jassim, Amir PB-250 FBL amirj@csufresno.edu 559-278-4967 Full   Prof
Johansson, Lars PB-322 Econ ljohansson@csufresno.edu 559-278-4045 Lecturer
Jonasson, Elizabeth PB-285 FBL elizabethj@csufresno.edu 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Jones, Ida PB-232 FBL idaj@csufresno.edu 559-278-2151 Full   Prof
Kalfayan, Garo PB-284 Acct Garok@csufresno.edu 559-278-2852 Full   Prof
Karimi, Zari PB-518 Mgt zkarimi@csufresno.edu 559-278-4972 Lecturer
Kaur, Harjaspuneet PB-551 ISDS hakaur@csufresno.edu 559-278-4050 Lecturer
Kemp, Deborah PB-543 FBL deborahk@csufresno.edu 559-278-4984 Full   Prof
Kempe, Leland PB-323 Econ lkempe@csufresno.edu 559-278-4045 Lecturer
Keppler, Mark Thom   126 Mgt mkeppler@csufresno.edu 559-278-1165 Full   Prof
Kim, Gil PB-318 Econ gikim@csufresno.edu 559-278-3950 Assist   Prof
Kobata, Nancy NG-211 Army   ROTC nancyko@csufresno.edu 559-278-1664 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Koehler, Debbie PB-284 Acct debbiek@csufresno.edu 559-278-2852 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Kuchar, Catherine PB-185 USS ckuchar@csufresno.edu 559-278-4943 Staff,   Advising
Kwon, Ojoung PB-550 ISDS okwon@csufresno.edu 559-278-8456 Full   Prof
La Rosa, Patricia PB-202 FBL patla@csufresno.edu 559-278-4950 Assoc   Prof
Lacy, Richard PB-522 FBL richardl@csufresno.edu 559-278-2706 Full   Prof
Lamee, Rachapol NG   211 Army   ROTC rlamee@csufresno.edu 559-278-2887 Lecturer
Ledesma Bromley, Analyse PB-233 Advancement anledesma@csufresno.edu 559-278-8214 Staff,   Advancement
Lehman,  Nydia  PB-183 Grad nyeeg@csufresno.edu 559-278-6529 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Lim, Soo PB-287 ISDS  slim@csufresno.edu 559-278-2823 TA
Lin, Shu PB-208 Acct shulin@csufresno.edu 559-278-5121 Assoc   Prof
Linville, Karen PB-285 FBL karenl@csufresno.edu 559-278-2341 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Liou, Ru-Shiun PB-503 Mgt/FBL rliou@csufresno.edu 559-278-2834 Lecturer
Liu, Wallace PB-219 ISDS wallacel@csufresno.edu 559-278-2392 Full   Prof
Madden, Kurt PB-520 ISDS kurtm@csufresno.edu 559-278-1027 Lecturer
Mahoney, John PB-555 FBL jmahoney@csufresno.edu 559-278-4990 Lecturer
Makofske, Jim PB-537 Acct jmakofske@csufresno.edu 559-278-4969 Lecturer
Martinez, Carlos PB-551 ISDS cdmartinez@csufresno.edu 559-278-4050 Lecturer
Matsumura, Dayna PB-282 Dean daynam@csufresno.edu 559-278-4523 Staff,   Budget Analys
McComas, William PB   553 FBL wmccomas@csufresno.edu 559-278-4898 Lecturer
McFarland, Aimee PB-558 FBL amcfarland@csufresno.edu 559-278-4992 Lecturer
McGuinness, Brady PB-285 FBL bmcguinness@csufresno.edu 559-278-2341 Lecturer
McLaughin, Christine NG-185 AF   ROTC cmclaughin@csufresno.edu 559-278-7794 Lecturer
Milevoj, Emil PB-182 UBC emilevoj@csufresno.edu 559-278-5664 Staff,     Director
Moghaddam, John PB-546 Mgt johnm@csufresno.edu 559-278-2915 Full   Prof
Mohle, Dennis PB-507 FBL dmohle@csufresno.edu 559-278-2577 Lecturer
Morgan, Barbara PB-552 Mktg bmorgan@csufresno.edu 559-278-2496 Lecturer
Morgan, Doug PB-285 FBL dougmorgan@mac.com 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Mortichesky, Barry PB   248 Mktg bmortichesky@csufresno.edu 559-278-4976 Lecturer
Motameni, Reza PB-388 Mktg motameni@csufresno.edu 559-278-7995 Full   Prof
Nasalroad, Eric Lyles   Ctr Lyles eric.nasalroad@reedleycollege. 559-638-3641 Lecturer
Oceguera, Liliana PB-185 USS loceguera@csufresno.edu 559-278-4943 Staff,   Advising
Olson-Buchanan, Julie PB-289 Mgt julieo@csufresno.edu 559-278-2851 Full   Prof
Ong, Beng PB-508 Mktg bengo@csufresno.edu 559-278-2594 Full   Prof
Osborn, John PB-223 Acct johno@csufresno.edu 559-278-4958 Full   Prof
Partin, Todd NG-158 AF-ROTC tpartin@csufresno.edu 559-278-6204 Lecturer
Patterson, Denise PB-534 Acct denisep@csufresno.edu 559-278-3971 Full   Prof
Penbera, Joseph PB-234 Mgt jpenbera@comcast.net 559-278-4962 Full   Prof
Peterson, Janice PB-324 Econ japeterson@csufresno.edu 559-278-2673 Assoc   Prof
Peyvandi, Ali PB-243 Acct alip@csufresno.edu 559-278-2921 Full   Prof
Pokelwaldt, Rob PB-553 Mgt rpokelwaldt@csufresno.edu 559-278-4898 Lecturer
Pranzo, Mary PB-512 Econ marypr@csufresno.edu 559-278-4988 Lecturer
Rahmatian, Sasan PB-247 ISDS sasanr@csufresno.edu 559-278-4376 Full   Prof
Rana, Sal PB-182 UBC srana@csufresno.edu 559-278-8019 Staff
Rebello, Craig PB-182 UBC crebello@csufresno.edu 559-278-2352 Staff
Reich, Sherry PB-385B Econ sherrym@csufresno.edu 559-278-3916 Staff,     Admin. Asst
Rice, William PB-238 Mktg williamr@csufresno.edu 559-278-2057 Full   Prof
Rios, Lorenzo NG-211 Army   ROTC lprios@csufresno.edu 559-278-5464 Lecturer
Roman, Michael NG-212 Army   ROTC lprios@csufresno.edu 559-278-2887 Lecturer
Ryabova, Tatyana PB-504 Acct tryabova@csufresno.edu 559-278-1683 Lecturer
Sanchez, Rudy PB-203 Mgt rjsanchez@csufresno.edu 559-278-2344 Assoc   Prof
Schmidtke, James PB-207 Mgt jmschmidtke@csufresno.edu 559-278-6636 Full   Prof
Schneider, Dennis PB-514 Mktg dmschneider2002@yahoo.com 559-278-4975 Lecturer
Scully Quist, Lyndsey PB-231 Advancement lscully@csufresno.edu 559-278-2919 Staff,   Advancement
Shahrokhi, Manuchehr PB-241 FBL mshahrok@csufresno.edu 559-278-4058 Full   Prof
Singh, September PB-501 Mgt sesingh@csufresno.edu 559-278-4968 Lecturer
Solano, Jeff PB-181 Dean jsolano@csufresno.edu 559-278-4989 Staff, Technology Liaison
Solis, Rafael PB-506 ISDS rafaels@csufresno.edu 559-278-2194 Full   Prof
Spock, Donald NG   211 Army   ROTC dspock@csufresno.edu 559-278-5457 Lecturer
Stearns, Timothy Lyles   Ctr Mgt timothys@csufresno.edu 559-294-2045 Full   Prof
Steinke, Elizabeth PB-551 FBL esteinke@csufresno.edu 559-278-4050 Lecturer
Stengel, Donald PB-287 ISDS dons@csufresno.edu 559-278-2823 Full   Prof & Chair
Sterling, Chris PB-212 Mgt csterling@csufresno.edu 559-278-4526 Assist   Prof
Stratemeyer, Andreas PB-536 Mktg astratemeyer@csufresno.edu 559-278-2520 Assoc   Prof
Stratton, Tanya PB   285 FBL tstratton@csufresno.edu 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Tai, Benjamin PB-245 Acct benjamin@csufresno.edu 559-278-2217 Full   Prof
Tamura, Linda PB-282 Dean lindata@csufresno.edu 559-278-2482 Staff
Taylor, James PB-233 ISDS jamestaylor@csufresno.edu 559-278-7414 Lecturer
Taylor-Hamm, Laurie PB-210 Mgt ltaylorhamm@csufresno.edu 559-278-2626 Lecturer
Temple, Don PB-507 ISDS templedon@hotmail.com 559-278-2330 Lecturer
Tseng, Kuo-Cheng PB-540 FBL kctseng@csufresno.edu 559-278-4981 Full   Prof
Turnbull, Patricia PB-552 Mktg pturnbull@csufresno.edu 559-278-2496 Lecturer
Ude, Pamela PB-246 Acct pamelaude@csufresno.edu 559-278-2979 Lecturer
VanVleck, Va Nee PB-321 Econ vanvleck@csufresno.edu 559-278-4932 Assoc   Prof
Vera, David PB-315 Econ dvera@csufresno.edu 559-278-4935 Assist   Prof
Wang, Jia PB-535 Mgt jiaw@csufresno.edu 559-278-4977 Full   Prof
Wielicki, Tomasz PB-538 ISDS tomaszw@csufresno.edu 559-278-2416 Full   Prof
Wiles, Gregory PB-537 Acct gfwiles@comcast.net 559-278-4969 Lecturer
Williams, Maynard NG   211 Army ROTC maynardw@csufresno.edu 559-278-5502 Staff
Yang, Xiaoming PB-520 ISDS xmyang@csufresno.edu 559-278-1027 Lecturer
Yazdipour, Rassoul PB-549 FBL rassouly@csufresno.edu 559-278-4987 Full   Prof
Young, Debbie PB-181 Mgt debbiey@csufresno.edu 559-278-4985 Director, Student Professional Development; Lecturer
Zhang, Hai Ying PB-554 Mktg haiyingz3@gmail.com 559-278-4012 Lecturer