College of Health and Human Service
Student Services Center


We in the Student Services Center of the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) want to extend a warm welcome to all. As our focus is directed towards the support and enhancement of all of our students, please let us take a moment to share with you our mission statement and goals. Our goal is to provide exemplary advising to each of our students. The advisors partner and collaborate with students to assist them in their pursuit of academic success in their chosen field.

As the world we live in is ever increasing in complexity, diversity, knowledge, and opportunities, it is important for us to enable our students to confidently meet and surpass any challenge they encounter. We strive to help our students develop their human capacity by having professional well trained advisors work with our students in the design of an academic plan that supports success. We offer an opportunity for students and advisors to engage in genuine dialogue leading to the development of a plan for academic fulfillment.

We strive to assist our students in the development of an academic plan that truly embraces their life goals in the hopes that they will become not only credentialed individuals, but also educated fully confident citizens of the world who can take their place and be productive members of society.

The Student Services Center can provide services for currently admitted undergraduates. The advisors can assist CHHS students with:

  • General Education
  • Graduation requirements – reviewing DARS report
  • Academic petitions
  • Class registration
  • University policies and procedures
  • Class dropping/adding                           

We thank you for your interest in the Student Services Center where we strive to help our constituents integrate their life goals with their academic goals.